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It’s Our Annual December Donation Drive — and Streetsblog Needs Your Help

It's our annual December donation drive. Please give from the heart (and wallet!) by clicking here. Thanks.
It's our annual December donation drive. Please give from the heart (and wallet!) by clicking here. Thanks.
It's our annual December donation drive. Please give from the heart (and wallet!) by clicking above or

As we ease into December and start the snowy slog to 2022, we're taking a moment to reflect on the last year at Streetsblog and everything we've done this year —and everything you've done.

We're in awe of the tireless work of all the advocates who did astounding things this year to erode the grip of car dependency on their communities, and fight back against all the death, destruction, inequity, and subtler harms that come with it. We're outraged at leaders who failed to answer those calls, and grateful to every single one who did.

And we have to admit ... we're also a little tired.

Every year, Streetsblog USA brings you hundreds of stories that cut through the noise to deliver the kind of up-to-the-minute analysis advocates need to make the case for a better transportation future — and along the way, we also reach a lot of non-advocates, and help them see our streets differently too. And while you might not realize it, a lot of the day-to-day work of getting it all done comes down to a small but mighty crew of just three people — two of whom are also juggling duties at our sister site, Streetsblog NYC.

Don't get us wrong: we've got a lot of help in this monumental task, especially from readers like you. You send us tips and op-eds and feedback and — yes — gifts that we deeply rely on every single day. We're also privileged to share great work from our colleagues at Streetsblog California, Denver, Chicago, Massachusetts, New York City Los Angeles, and San Francisco, as well as a deep roster of guest posts and freelance submissions from smart folks far outside the Streetsblogiverse.

But next year, we'd love to grow even bigger.

You may notice something a little different on the top of Streetsblog stories his month: a donation button. And if you use it to make a gift, it will help us and everyone under the umbrella of our amazing parent company, Open Plans, to advocate even more fiercely and widely for a world free from automobile dominance. (And it's tax-deductible!).

    • We want to bring you more stories that decode complex federal policy and help you figure out exactly when to call your legislators, like our ongoing coverage of infrastructure week year — and when to fight for revisions on obscure but extremely dangerous road design manuals like the MUTCD (which we were among the first outlets to demystify.)
    • We'll give you even more hard, scientific evidence about the best path out of the climate crisis, including why getting people out of cars and onto greener modes like biking, walking and transit is so essential, even if those cars are powered by batteries — and we'll translate it into layman's language that anyone can understand and get emotional about.
    • We'll fight for an end to the national traffic violence crisis, which we covered as it climbed to its highest point in decades this year, even as Covid-19 lockdown orders eased and drivers returned to the road. And we'll continue to report on car crashes the way they should be reported: with a sense of dignity for the victims, scrutiny for the systemic roots of every single collision, and urgency for real change. (And in 2021, some of those crashes were exceptionally horrific.)
    • We'll push even harder for a world where mobility justice isn't just a buzzword, and where people who are marginalized because of their race, gender, disability, income level, or for any other reason have complete access to the universe of sustainable transportation options they need.
    • And sometimes, we'll even make you laugh with a silly contest about sorry bus stops or toxic car ads.

We're putting a few more of our greatest hits from 2021 below. If any of them inspire you to give: thank you.

And if there's a story we haven't reported on that would make you proud to be a Streetsblog donor, you know where to find us (click here!).

Here's that donation link again.

Thanks, all.

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