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To better reflect the diversity of opinion and experience within the movement to end car dependence, Streetsblog USA accepts submissions for guest commentary, letters to the editor, and reposts of previously published content related to our mission. We do not offer compensation for guest submissions.

For those seeking paid writing opportunities, we also accept pitches from strong and reliable freelancers. In addition to your submission or pitch, please include your preferred rate, any available links to your previously published work, and the time frame by which you can file.

We are interested in pitches and submissions that are…

  • Directly related to Streetsblog USA’s coverage of the movement to end car dependence in the United States.
  • Timely, newsworthy, or tied to a significant recent event in the world of transportation and land use.
  • Relevant to a national audience, or that provide an object lesson from a specific community from which advocates across the country might learn.
  • Useful to sustainable transportation advocates interested in taking action. (Examples of actionable content include articles regarding specific pending legislation that our audience might call their representatives to support; articles about recent research that might help advocates build support for specific transportation reforms; articles about specific national advocacy initiatives in which our readers might participate.)
  • Written in a conversational tone that is accessible to a broad audience. Please do not use highly technical jargon, acronyms, or buzzwords that you do not explain in plain language.
  • Guest commentary/op-eds only: Written in direct response to previous Streetsblog content and offering a fresh perspective not otherwise reflected on the site.
  • Not promotional of a private company or for-profit entity.

All submissions and pitches should be submitted to We ask that you please…

  • Limit your guest commentary submissions to no more than 800 words.
  • Limit your pitches to no more than 500 words, and list your intended primary sources, if any.
  • Format your submission as .doc or a Google Doc, and please double-check that you have granted editing permissions to (Pitches may go in the body of an email.)
  • Disclose if your submission has already been published elsewhere, even on a personal blog, and include a link to the original publication.
  • Disclose any personal or financial interest in the topic of your article.
  • Include any images, graphics or other visuals directly relevant to your article that you have secured permission to use, as well as the names of the image authors to whom we should attribute credit. (If you do not have visuals, Streetsblog will illustrate your article with images available in the public domain.)
  • If the article is a repost, please make note of any images that Streetsblog does not have permission to use.
  • Submit a two-to-three sentence bio and a small headshot.

Please note that we receive a large volume of email and may not always respond promptly. If  your story is time-sensitive or you are pitching multiple outlets, please make a note of that in your inquiry.

Have a tip or idea for a story that you don’t want to write yourself? Email it to