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This week's headlines

Friday’s Headlines Boldly Go Where Many Have Gone Before

A new Uber service will allow large groups of people traveling to the same destination to share a vehicle that carries up to 55 occupants. Sound familiar?

Thursday’s Headlines Taste Great and Are Less Filling

Is shooting for "car-lite" cities a more realistic goal than "car-free"? One author thinks so. Either way, new evidence suggests that less exposure to emissions lowers the risk of asthma.

Wednesday’s Headlines Think Walking Is for the Children

Speeding drivers kill 100 students a year and injure another 25,000, as many cities have not implemented proven safety measures like traffic calming and marked crosswalks near schools.

Tuesday’s Headlines Want a Seat at the Table

The U.S. transportation system is designed by drivers for drivers. But the millions of people who can't drive or prefer to walk, bike or take transit should be consulted as well, an excerpt from a new book recently published at Next City says.

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‘We Have the Power To Reshape our Cities’: Hoboken Mayor Reflects on Seven Years of Vision Zero Success

"Change is scary and painful sometimes. And it would be easy to give in and say maybe now is not the time. But it is our duty, as elected officials, public policymakers, and advocates, like many of us here today, to face these challenges head on, and recognize that the status quo doesn’t always cut it."

Calif. Active Transportation Program Funding Cut Because Administration Wants to Prioritize Highways

The Newsom administration wants to cut the ATP because Caltrans is tired of having its state highway funding tapped.

Great Trails Are America’s Secret Weapon to Treat Trauma; Will Congress Fund Them?

Why a team of veterans are cycling across America to process their wartime experiences, and raise awareness about the need to fund the paths they're riding on.

New York Pols Back Gounardes’s Bill to Cut Driving by 20%

From Buffalo to Brooklyn, lawmakers want less driving.

Opinion: The Case for Federal E-Bike Regulations

Do we need one unifying standard to regulate e-bikes, rather than a patchwork of state and local rules?

Transit Expert Jarrett Walker has Advice for Los Angeles

Jarrett Walker talks choice riders, all-door boarding, bus lanes, BRT, and making the bus system more legible.

Electric Backslide: Massachusetts On Track to Miss Its EV Goals By A Wide Margin

As of January 2024, there were only 66,000 zero-emission cars registered in Massachusetts, even though the state's climate roadmap relies on Bay State drivers buying 200,000 by 2025.

Youth Bike Summit 2024: It’s Going To Take a Village To Get More Young People Cycling

Enrollment is open for the 2024 Youth Bike Summit (YBS) to be held June 14th to June 16th in Lehigh Valley, PA.

Northern delights: Amtrak’s new Borealis Chicago – Twin Cities service launches May 21

The Borealis will offer earlier arrival to Minneapolis-St. Paul, later departure.

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