How Automakers Can Stop Humans from Over-Relying on Automated Safety Tech

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Automakers aren't doing enough to ensure that drivers are ready to take over if their vehicles' self-driving features make mistakes, a new advisory argues, re-igniting a debate about who should be held accountable when the drivers of partially automated cars kill people on U.S. roads.

Last week, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety announced the criteria for a new set of rankings that will evaluate how well automakers are combatting "automation complacency" among their drivers, as well as the intentional misuse of advanced driver assistance systems that are becoming increasingly common on new cars.

"At some point, we have to ask ourselves: are these, indeed, driver safety systems?" said one expert. "Or are they driver convenience systems?"

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Talking Headways Podcast: Civil Rights on the Road

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This week we’re joined by Anna Zivarts from Disability Rights Washington and Paulo Nunes-Ueno from Front and Centered. They join us to talk about the Disability Mobility Initiative and the Mobility Bill of Rights.  We also chat about why mobility experiments might make travel harder for disabled travelers and why road safety is a core part of civil rights.
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