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This week's headlines

Friday’s Headlines Depend on How You Phrase It

How to reduce emissions through taxes is pretty clear, but to sell it to the public, you can't make lower-income people pay.

Thursday’s Headlines Need a Hero

Who will save transit now that federal COVID funds are running out? The New York Times investigates.

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Microtranist Is Taxpayer Funded Uber, Advocates Warn — And It’s a Threat to Real Transit

American cities are falling for the "false promise" of microtransit, a top transportation union argues — and we're all going to be the ones who pay for it.

Monday’s Headlines Need Housing, Not Parking

With U.S. cities facing a well-publicized housing crisis, there's certainly no shortage of places where people can store their cars.

Calif. Will Continue to Undermine its Climate Goals by Widening Highways

CTC approved funding to widen I-80, and a bill that would have reformed funding for freight corridors was killed by the Appropriations Committee.

Friday’s Headlines Boldly Go Where Many Have Gone Before

A new Uber service will allow large groups of people traveling to the same destination to share a vehicle that carries up to 55 occupants. Sound familiar?

Op-Ed: This ‘Bike to Work’ Day, Let’s Pass Bold Policies To Support Cyclists

"It is hard to think of another mode of transportation that is a more powerful tool to meet [our challenges.]"

Talking Headways Podcast: An Update to Human Transit

Jarrett Walker on the release of the revised edition of his influential book Human Transit. 

Thursday’s Headlines Taste Great and Are Less Filling

Is shooting for "car-lite" cities a more realistic goal than "car-free"? One author thinks so. Either way, new evidence suggests that less exposure to emissions lowers the risk of asthma.

This City Leader Wants Drivers to Pay $850/Year To Register Their Cars — And Give The Money To Transit

What if driver had a choice between paying for the equivalent of a yearly bus pass just to register a car, or skipping the DMV and taking the actual bus for free?

Letter from Sweden: Congestion Pricing is Going to Be Great … With a Few Bumps

Swedes, even drivers, were stunned to hear that a majority of New York-area residents oppose congestion pricing.

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