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This week's headlines

Thursday’s Headlines Stroll to the Store

All evidence to the contrary, business owners persist in their belief that any change affecting motorists, like congestion pricing, will lead to their ruination.

Tuesday’s Headlines Died by Engineering

The Congress for the New Urbanism wholeheartedly endorses a new book explaining how traffic engineers made up their standards out of thin air.

Monday’s Headlines Are Bumper to Bumper

The internet is as congested with articles criticizing New York Gov. Kathy Hochul for killing congestion pricing as Manhattan is with cars.

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New Law Would Ensure The Bike Revolution is American-Made

On-shoring the bike manufacturing industry isn't just good for the national economy, a top congressman argues — it's also good for ending car dependency.

Transit YouTuber Rides Forty L.A. County Bus Systems in Three Days

Boston-based transit YouTuber: "overall L.A.'s transit is genuinely good... Metro's frequent network is really impressive, and at least in my experience, their buses tended to run remarkably on time."

N.Y. Gov. Hochul’s Bid to Stop Congestion Pricing Might Be Illegal

But she may be off the hook because the feds have still not undertaken what would have been the final bureaucratic step.

‘A Petition, a Website, and a T-shirt’: Ann Arbor Advocates Share Tips for Fighting Highway Expansions

Ann Arbor advocates helped get a destructive and wasteful highway expansion thrown out — and they have some ideas on how you can, too.

Friday’s Headlines Got Congested

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul stunned congestion pricing supporters when she blocked implementation in New York City — a move with implications for cities nationwide.

Friday Video: What Is Daylighting, and How Does it Save Lives?

One of the simplest things your city can do to save lives is also the most effective — and it starts at the corner.

Talking Headways Podcast: The Computable City

Michael Batty on histories of computing, smart city critiques, what the discourse on AI should really be about, and discussions on the future of urban forms.

Opinion: Gov. Hochul Risks Handing Donald Trump the Keys To NYC’s Transportation Future

Is this really the way a New York Democrat wants her legacy on transit and climate change to play out?

Thursday’s Headlines Get Schooled

Cyclists are often derided as white guys in Spandex, but surveys indicate more women and minority groups would bike if they had access to proper training.

Two Huge Questions About ‘Gridlock Gov.’ Hochul’s Congestion Pricing Delay

Can she even do this? And does she have a revenue plan? Maybe and no seem to be the answers.

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