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This week's headlines

Friday’s Headlines Take Me to the River

Politico reports that the Biden administration is investing $2.5 billion in updating aging Mississippi River locks and dams like this one in Iowa. Transporting freight by barge produces less emissions than trucks or even rail.

Thursday’s Headlines Drive Less

Seems obvious that the more people drive, the more likely they are to die in a crash or kill someone else, but traditional thinking on traffic safety doesn't always follow that logic, according to Planetizen.

Wednesday’s Headlines Raise the Roof

RAISE grants funded by the 2021 infrastructure act will go to nearly 150 sustainable and equitable transportation projects in all 50 states, the U.S. DOT announced.

Tuesday’s Headlines Read Rapidly

Bloomberg reports on a new type of transit called rapid regional rail that is faster than light rail but stops as frequently as a subway.

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Where Would the Bay Area Be Without BART?

Answer: up a creek, according to a new study that attempts to quantify BART's significance to the region.

Central Virginia Bus Riders Reap Benefits of Zero Fare and New Services

"We see the benefit [of fare-free transit], but also the financial necessity that bus riders are having and experiencing because we know that rent is up, the cost of groceries is up. But what hasn’t gone up is people’s incomes. And so this is a backdoor boost in wages.”

Historic Settlement Will Force Hawai’i DOT to Decarbonize and De-Center Cars

The first-of-its-kind legal settlement will force Hawai'i DOT to decarbonize and de-center cars. Which state will be next?

Monday’s Modest Headlines

A new online atlas looking at nine metrics for sustainable transit shows that it's not the size of the system that matters, it's how many people it serves.

Riding on Chicago’s new all-green protected Clark Street “brat lane”

“Fancy.” “I Love It.” Those aren’t just hits featuring British dance music singer-songwriter Charli XCX. They were also my reactions to Chicago’s nearly completed Clark Street protected bike lane.

Friday’s Headlines Spark Fireworks

Happy Fourth of July! Housing and transit writer Darrell Owens ponders why so few Americans seem to care about all the deaths caused by cars and drivers.

Friday Video: How Ghent Gets Kids To School Without Cars

This Belgian city has found a better way to get students to class — and they have some lessons to share with America.

Wednesday’s Headlines Believe in Monsters

And so does the CEO of Ford. That's how he described some vehicles while calling for a shift to smaller EVs as pedestrian deaths remain high.

Are U.S. Cities Demanding the Equitable Micromobility Access Their Residents Need?

Bike and scooter share can be a powerful tool to give underserved communities a better alternative to car — but only if those communities can actually use it.

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