The “Sorry Bus Stops” Final Round 1 Battle: Suffolk County vs. New York City

Suffolk vs. bronx

If you can have a sorry bus stop there, you can have a sorry bus stop anywhere.

Yes, it’s up to you, New York, N.Y. as we pit two really lousy Big Apple bus stops to round out the Elite Eight in our annual America’s Sorriest Bus Stop competition.

Nashville; Cincinnati; Beverly Hills; Pittsburgh; McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania and New Orleans have already moved on to the second round. Meanwhile, voting is still open for yesterday’s matchup, which pitted San Rafael, California, against Vancouver.

Today’s contenders are extra awful because they come from the nation’s most transit friendly metro area. But they still fall into the traps we see elsewhere: complete disregard for riders’ safety and comfort. Let’s take a look:

Brentwood, N.Y.
suffolk county bus stop

This sorry bus stop, sent by an anonymous reader, shows Crooked Hill Road in suburban Brentwood, N.Y.

The reader explains:

Absolutely no thought given to pedestrians with this stop. No sidewalks towards either direction, sitting feet away from a busy, higher speed thoroughfare, with no safe method to cross the road. Most that use this stop would need to cross, as employment centers are mostly found opposite this stop. Additionally, possibly the worst part of this stop, if you turn around the street view, you will see a business next to it with heavy duty trucks in use. They have chosen to go instead of turning right directly outside the driveway, using the area of the bus stop as a merge to the road instead, creating another hazard for the riders of this already dangerous stop.

This stop is served by Suffolk County Transit. And Suffolk County Public Works is responsible for the road. And both richly deserve the shame of inclusion in this competition.

The Bronx

bronx bus stop

Meanwhile, this stop on Sedgwick Avenue in the heart of the Bronx, comes to us from an anonymous reader — and (not to prejudice you voters) it was selected by our editors from many, many New York City sorry bus stops. If Gotham is going to win this year’s competition, this is the sorry bus stop on which that crown will rest.

Look closely: Yes, bus riders are literally waiting in some guy’s driveway for the bus.

The nominator adds, exasperatedly:

The bus pole is right in the middle of a driveway. There’s nowhere to wait.

As you can see in the photo, the stop serves three MTA bus routes, so it’s no outpost in the wilderness. This is a stop with high service frequency. But the surrounding environment leaves a lot to be desired.

Both the city DOT and the state-run MTA share the blame for bus stops like this that clearly have not been given a second thought.


9 thoughts on The “Sorry Bus Stops” Final Round 1 Battle: Suffolk County vs. New York City

  1. In NYC… I know the homeowner occupant of one of those houses, and have parked my car in that driveway while navigating around the pole. What this article did NOT mention is… bus riders regularly leave trash around the bus stop. The City then fines the occupants of those houses. The City has so far refused to install a trash can.

    I’m voting for NYC here because the whole thing is so dysfunctional.

  2. The Suffolk County one clearly serves a hiking trail allowing people to use mass transit to enjoy the great outdoors! Right?

  3. The street view of Suffolk County makes it even worse. No way that woman or get children are safe there. At least with NYC you can wait AT the pole. Idk gotta go with Suffolk here.

  4. Perhaps the NYC bus stop was there before the illegal driveways were put in by the homeowners or homebuilders.

  5. There probably is a stop a block or two away, so maybe it should be eliminated unless there is some trip generator I am unaware of.

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