All Aboard for Thursday’s Headlines

  • Amtrak will use its $66 billion from the recently passed infrastructure bill to improve service in the Northeast corridor and expand service to up to 160 communities. (NBC News)
  • Bicycle Retailer highlights the $11 billion included in the infrastructure bill for transportation safety, including bikes and pedestrians.
  • The e-bike boom shows no sign of slowing down. They’re even outselling electric cars. (New York Times)
  • Elon Musk’s most recent update to its Autopilot feature has Teslas going haywire, and it might finally be a reason for federal regulators to step in. (Washington Post).
  • The U.S. Justice Department is suing Uber, alleging that charging users for drivers to wait for them discriminates against users with disabilities. (NPR)
  • Minnesota will receive more than $800 million for transit through the infrastructure bill (MinnPost). Philadelphia will get $2.8 billion over five years (Axios). Tampa wants to use its share to expand its streetcar line (WFLA). Austin hasn’t decided what it wants to spend money on, but it’s ready to go after grants (CBS Austin).
  • New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have reached an agreement on how to divvy up $14 billion in COVID relief funds for transit. (
  • Denver’s 71 traffic deaths is the most since the city started its Vision Zero program in 2017. (Westworld)
  • Spokane transit ridership is down, but revenue is up, thanks to an influx of federal cash and local sales tax revenue. (Spokesman-Review)
  • San Francisco allowed small businesses to take over on-street parking during the pandemic, but now it’s clamping down on them. (Examiner)
  • Self-driving taxis are supposedly coming to Las Vegas in 2023. (Jalopnik)
  • E-scooters can now ride on the sidewalk in Orlando. (Weekly)
  • Asheville is considering road diets and other safety improvements on three major roads. (Citizen-Times)
  • The kids are alright: A Maryland Diamondback writer calls for College Park to be a leader in bike safety.