Wednesday’s Headlines: The ‘ICYMI’ Edition

Welcome to 2019. But before we start the year, let’s review a few stories you might have missed in the waning days of 2018:

  • The New York Times ran a story about how bad traffic is in NYC — yet never mentioned the root cause is a pro-car political culture. In the same issue, the editorial board basically capitulated to the Yellow Vests in France on carbon taxes and climate change.
  • The Paper of Record also ran a story about how people in Arizona are pelting driverless cars with rocks and garbage. (NY Times)
  • In Pittsburgh, where state transportation officials recently allowed Uber to restart autonomous vehicle tests, the city is crafting rules requiring companies to report traffic incidents involving self-driving cars. (Post-Gazette)
  • Maryland commuters awaiting the D.C. Metro’s  Purple Line can literally see the light at the end of the tunnel. (WTOP)
  • St. Paul’s first-ever pedestrian plan keeps it simple, stupid: Build more sidewalks and do a better job of keeping them clear. (Next City)
  • A new study found that public transit is 10 times safer than driving cars, and inter-city rail is 18 times safer. (Safety and Health)
  • Charlotte is sprucing up its South End rail-trail with some colorful public art. (Observer)
  • The San Antonio Express-News endorsed Mayor Ron Nirenberg’s plan to for bus rapid transit and 40 miles of bike and scooter lanes.
  • Seattle is considering using automated cameras to catch drivers who block bus lanes. (Times)
  • New Orleans officials have a decision to make, as Connect the Crescent’s temporary bike lanes are coming to an end. (Times-Picayune)
  • Somebody turn this into a Drake meme: Four States Homepage reports that Missouri legislators want to let drivers turn left on red (gee, what could go wrong?), and according to WTOP, D.C. transportation officials want to ban right turns on red (yep).
  • Rolling coal is so 2014. (Ottawa Citizen)

3 thoughts on Wednesday’s Headlines: The ‘ICYMI’ Edition

  1. Did you read the article from Missouri? It applies to turning left from a one-way onto another one-way on a red light. That is already allowed in 38 states. Oh, the sensationalism. It’s actually far safer than a left turn on a permissive green on a two-way street, along with many other permitted movements. I guess it’s a slow news week.

  2. The NY Times op-ed actually made sense, although Macron’s fuel tax was not a carbon tax/refund plan. However Washington state lost that election battle when oil companies poured in $20 million to kill it. Our military is the world’s largest single user of oil, and that’s not about to change.

  3. Most pedestrians are aware of the risks of right on red (when the driver is looking left for oncoming cars instead of crossing pedestrians), which too should be disallowed. For similar reasons, left on red in this situation should be disallowed.

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