Today’s Headlines

  • Powerful Georgia House Speaker Strongly Backs Creating State Funding for Transit (WABE, AJC, 11 Alive)
  • Connecticut DOT’s Four-Year Plan Shifts Money Away From Transit and Toward Highways (Courant)
  • Study: Federal VMT Tax Would Be More Effective at Reducing Car Use Than Gas Tax Hike (Houston Chronicle)
  • Dallas Morning News Cheers Breath of Fresh Air Offered by City Council’s New DART Board Appointees
  • Fed Up With Nashville Traffic, People on the Street Welcome Mayor’s Light Rail Plan (WKRN)
  • Low Ridership on Seattle’s Mixed-Traffic Streetcar Lines Has Officials Worried (KING 5)
  • Sacramento: Still Sprawling Like There’s No Tomorrow (Bee)
  • People Are Thrilled About the First Project Funded by Austin’s Mobility Bond: A New Sidewalk (KXAN, Fox 7)
  • Atlanta Suburb Set to Boot Sharrows From Its Transportation Plan; “They Are Falling Out of Favor” (AJC)
  • Tweeting Toronto Parking Enforcement Officer Goes After Bike Lane Blockers (Star via Next City)

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