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Tuesday’s Headlines Will Never Take Your Freedom

12:00 AM EDT on April 25, 2023

Photo: B137, CC

    • Cars symbolize freedom in American culture, but despite the conspiracy theories around 15-minute cities, what's really freeing is being able to quickly walk or bike to wherever you need to be instead of wasting hours stuck in traffic. (The New Republic)
    • Environmentalism has historically meant opposing development, but now it's time for the green movement to embrace YIMBYism, writes climate change activist Bill McKibben. (Mother Jones)
    • Harper's excerpted part of friend of Streetsblog Henry Grabar's new book "Paved Paradise," about how parking literally drives Americans insane.
    • An e-bike skeptic has seen the light. (Digital Trends)
    • Poorly paid delivery drivers have to deal with assaults and harassment, and often can't even find a place to use the restroom. (City Lab)
    • A new U.S. DOT program will help communities apply for transportation and land-use grants. (Governing)
    • Nevada's Republican lieutenant governor is right that carpool lanes don't work, but for the wrong reasons. (Independent)
    • Portland won a $2 million federal grant for emissions-free delivery zones. (Bike Portland)
    • Has anyone really vetted Atlanta's decision to spend $230 million on the Beltline streetcar extension over other projects in the city's transit pipeline? (AJC)
    • The Los Angeles Times editorial board urges Culver City not to abandon its ambitious street safety program.
    • Arnold Schwarzenegger thought he had terminated this L.A. pothole before it could become a danger to cyclists. (Momentum Mag) Unfortunately, it was actually a utility trench. (NPR)
    • Tokyo has done more than any other city to get people out of cars. (Heat Map)

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