Thursday’s Headlines Welcome You Back

  • Bikes might be in short supply due to supply chain problems, but cars are in even shorter supply. If you’ve ever considering going car-free, this is  still is a good time. Sell that used car and get a bike. (Outside)
  • The desire for wider, cleaner streets has its roots in Dickensian London, but the reality is that streets will never be cleaner as long as they keep getting wider. (Undark)
  • Momentum‘s top stories of 2021 cover how to buy a used bike and how to bike with a dog, among other topics.
  • Sound Transit’s Federal Way line between Seattle and Tacoma is now halfway done. (News Tribune)
  • Florida and Tampa area officials have deferred to drivers at every step of a proposed bus rapid transit line, and they’re set to do so again. (Tampa Bay Times)
  • Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin’s pledge to cut gas taxes could endanger plans to expand Northern Virginia transit. (Inside NoVa)
  • Connecticut residents are starting to feel the effects of climate change, but the state government is slow to respond. (Hartford Courrant)
  • In Savannah, where drivers often hit pedestrians in the historic district, an alderman is pushing for Vision Zero. (WTOC)
  • An Arkansas regional transit board has decided to give more weight to urban areas. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)
  • An underground parking garage collapsed at a Cleveland apartment complex. (News 19)


Bike racks were made inaccessible in parks across Miami in an ill-advised response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Source: Marcia Duprat

OP-ED: Why is Miami Fighting Cycling During Coronavirus?

It started with the closing of bike shops. Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, Miami-Dade County’s COVID-19 shutdown deemed auto supply and repair shops essential — but forced the closure of bike shops. It set the stage for what has become an ongoing string of questionable policy decisions — decisions that, over time, have cemented an […]

Bike Skirt Goes Car-Free in Birmingham

Yesterday we featured a post from The Urbanophile about the political and personal costs of carlessness in a small city. Today, we’ve got something of an antidote to that — an entry from Streetsblog Network member Bike Skirt in Birmingham, Alabama, about the sense of liberation, connection and empowerment that giving up a car can […]

Another Step in Reducing Auto Dependence

If you’re a person who is accustomed to getting around the place you live without a car, you’ve probably spent at least some time trying to sell your auto-dependent friends on the concept. Maybe you’ve even gone so far as to map out a route for them so that they wouldn’t get frustrated. And sometimes […]

Capital Bikeshare Winning Hearts, But How Will It Change the Streets?

It’s been a scant few weeks since Washington, D.C. launched the country’s largest bike-sharing system, but Capital Bikeshare is already being heralded as a big success. More than 2,000 people have become system members, more than the city’s smaller, privately-run system, SmartBike, garnered during its troubled two-year lifespan. Overall the new system is generating a […]