Thursday’s Headlines Are Built for Speed

  • Many U.S. cities would love to lower speed limits, but they’re hampered by federal guidelines. (Reuters)
  • Transportation for America breaks down what we know and don’t know about the bipartisan infrastructure deal.
  • Take this with a blade of grass, but according to a lawn-care company, San Francisco is the nation’s most bike-friendly city. (Forbes)
  • ‘Murica! Day-drinking on the Fourth of July makes it the deadliest holiday of the year on U.S. roads. (Daily Caller)
  • Greyhound is closing bus stations and forcing riders to wait for buses outside in the hot sun in places like Charlottesville. (Tomorrow)
  • The Oklahoma City streetcar is more about spurring development than actually transporting people. (Oklahoman)
  • Austin’s Cap Metro is making strides toward zero emissions. (Monitor)
  • A perception that transit is not safe seems to be hindering efforts to rebuild ridership in the Twin Cities. (KSTP)
  • Light rail expansion in Charlotte keeps getting pushed back, so it’s also getting more expensive. (WSOC)
  • California’s Valley Transit received $20 million from the state to help recover from the recent mass shooting at a rail yard. (San Jose Spotlight)
  • A landmark settlement means Uber drivers in Seattle will receive sick pay. (Emerald)
  • Nashville is taking public input on a Vision Zero plan. (News Channel 5)
  • An RV rental company ranks Dallas as the most dangerous city for driving. (D Magazine)
  • The D.C. DOT is inviting artists to paint intersections. (Greater Greater Washington)
  • In bike-centric countries like the Netherlands, drivers are the ones who stop for bikes. (Fast Company)


Today’s Headlines

Are congressional leaders really planning to tackle immigration before climate change? The reactions from key players (Politico, CSM, The Hill) Speaking of that climate bill, here are five sticking points to watch in the Senate’s upcoming version (including the back-and-forth over gas taxes) (MoJones) Japan considering a funding boost to help its high-speed rail firms […]

Today’s Headlines

U.S. DOT launches new website to promote campaign against texting while driving (Det. News) New Deal skeptic Amity Shlaes thinks infrastructure stimulus might be worth it … and points out the downside of the interstate highway system (Bloomberg) Transit advertising can play a crucial role in D.C. advocacy groups’ PR strategy (NYT) Washington D.C. begins […]