Tuesday’s Headlines to Keep You Going

  • Former Secretary of State John Kerry will serve as President-elect Joe Biden’s climate envoy, a newly created Cabinet-level position. (CNN)
  • Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’s sister is married to Uber executive Tony West, who is said to be under consideration to be attorney general in the Biden administration. (Business Insider)
  • The success of transit measures on November ballots nationwide shows that even drivers are increasingly willing to support transit funding. (Stateline)
  • Three-quarters of U.S. voters support emergency funding for public transit. (Metro)
  • The D.C. Metro is planning to buy out employees, cut train frequency and reinstate fares on buses to close a $176-million budget gap. With money expected to run out March 1, even Biden’s proposed $10 billion in emergency funds would likely come too late. (Washington Post)
  • New York City might start paying people to report drivers who park illegally, blocking crosswalks, bike lanes and bus lanes. (Curbed, based on Streetsblog’s exclusive)
  • A pilot program on Chicago’s Southside will cut Metra train fares in half. (Tribune)
  • Cambridge will be the first U.S. city to put cigarette-style warning labels about climate change on gas pumps. (Earther)
  • The speed limit on residential streets in Minneapolis and St. Paul is now 20 miles per hour, which will save lives and make it more comfortable for people to walk and bike. (MinnPost)
  • Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan will repair the cracked West Seattle Bridge rather than replace it with a new one that has space for light rail, and might build a separate bridge for light rail later. (The Stranger)
  • After 22 years of planning, Charlotte’s 26-mile Silver Line is finally starting to take shape. (Spectrum News)
  • Hartford is planning to redesign Main Street with a two-way bike lane, median, crosswalks and roundabouts. (Courant)
  • San Jose streets are becoming increasingly dangerous despite Vision Zero. (Insider)
  • You’re more likely to catch him driving to the basket than driving down the street: The Denver Nuggets’ Jamal Murray owns two scooters, but no car. (CBS 4)
  • The White House is polling Twitter to decide which turkey to pardon for Thanksgiving, Corn or Cob. Since Cob has a life goal of biking across Iowa, he’s Streetsblog’s pick.


Joe Biden in May, 2019. Photo: Michael Stokes

Memo to Joe: Revolutionize Cycling Culture

President-elect Biden is poised to take bold steps to reform federal transportation incentives as soon as February — and advocates are optimistic that he could take quick action to support active transportation in a way no president before him has even tried.