Monday’s Headlines

  • Told ya so: Milwaukee’s Complete Streets policy and new transit like The Hop streetcar are spurring commercial development downtown because streets are more welcoming. (Journal-Sentinel)
  • Metro Cincinnati received $35 million in federal grants for alternatives to driving, including new fuel-efficient buses, a new bike and pedestrian bridge, a riverside trail and an expansion of the city’s bike-share program. (WCPO)
  • As transit ridership declines and more people use ride-hailing apps, walkability is becoming more important than transit access when developing transit-oriented developments. (Urban Land Institute)
  • Huge new investments in metro Atlanta’s transportation infrastructure aren’t enough, so transportation remains an issue in the Georgia governor’s race. Democrat Stacey Abrams has proposed another $150 million for transit, while Republican Brian Kemp prefers public-private partnerships, a la President Trump’s failed infrastructure bill. (AJC)
  • Indianapolis has a backlog of 1,600 sidewalk repair requests, and the broken pavement is landing people in the hospital. (WRTV)
  • Oklahoma City’s new streetcar isn’t even running yet, and the city is already considering an expansion (NewsOK). Meanwhile, rising cost estimates for North Carolina’s Durham-Orange light rail are giving some local officials in the Research Triangle cold feet. (Daily Tarheel)
  • A new poll shows that 86 percent of Americans support government funding for public transportation, including big majorities among all age groups and geographic regions. (R0ads & Bridges)
  • The Stranger takes aim at Bicycling magazine’s ranking of Seattle as the best city for bikes, calling it “completely ridiculous.”
  • South Florida police are ticketing cyclists for riding outside the bike lane — on a highway that doesn’t appear to have a bike lane. (Local 10)
  • ICYMI: Fast Company joined the many outlets expressing concern that driverless cars have a downside. Ya think?

2 thoughts on Monday’s Headlines

  1. Basic reading comprehension seems to be lacking regarding the Florida story. It clearly states “…stay within a designated bike lane, or within a single lane of travel.” As shown in the image there is a massive, disorganized group ride taking up both lanes of travel.

  2. Sorry to say it succeeded as clickbait for me. Thanks for the correction and sorry I fell for the ‘errant tease’.

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