Another “Sorry Bus Stops” Contest “Elite Eight” Matchup: Suffolk County vs. Pittsburgh

Suffolk vs pittsburgh

Elite Eight action continues today at our annual “Sorriest Bus Stop” competition with two really really bad bus stops.

But first, an announcement: A very, very sad bus stop in Cincinnati has secured the first Final Four spot after trouncing McKees Rocks, Penn. Meanwhile, New Orleans is still duking it out with Nashville for the second spot, so vote early (but not often).

Now, seeking the third spot in the semi-finals are a loathsome stop in suburban New York and a ridiculously bad bus stop in the Steel City. First up…

Suffolk County

suffolk county bus stop

We’ve seen a lot of horrifying bus stops in this tournament, but this one‘s a doozy. Located in Brentwood, New York, about 50 miles outside of Manhattan, it consists of a sign and a worn dirt patch. Users — and there must be quite a few judging from the path they’ve worn — access the stop by cutting through a brush-covered hill.

In this photo, a woman waits with her two young children, completely vulnerable to fast moving traffic.

The area around this stop is primarily forest and industrial. However, right across the street from this stop is the Family Service League, a large social service provider serving Long Island, providing services for children, seniors, veterans and addicts. There is also a large addiction treatment center beyond the wooded area behind the bus stop.

The Family Service League and Town of Islip should get together and figure out how to make sure low-income people can safety access their building. A few bollards and a bench would be a big improvement.


west view bus stop

Now, take a gander at this concerning bus stop, technically in West View, Pennsylvania, just outside Pittsburgh.

Steve Kuhn nominated this stop, explaining:

No sidewalk, no shoulder, no curb, not even flat ground. Just an overgrown hillside. Absolutely nowhere to stand other than in the road. It’s located at the crest of a blind hill so no oncoming traffic (or arriving buses) can see you there until they’re right on top of you. To add insult to injury it’s at a spot where the road narrows under a bridge so there is even less margin for error for traffic to pass by.
One interesting, and very Pittsburgh, thing about this stop is that you need to use a rickety set of wooden steps to access it from the east. That means if you’re in a wheelchair, your only option is the scary roadway.
pgh stairs
It is served by the Pittsburgh Port Authority but the borough of West View is deserving of some shame here as well.
It’s a battle for the ages, so vote below.
 bus_stop_2018 pitts suffolk

7 thoughts on Another “Sorry Bus Stops” Contest “Elite Eight” Matchup: Suffolk County vs. Pittsburgh

  1. There actually is a set of concrete steps to access the stop, but wheelchair users are still out of luck. There’s no safe way to approach the stop. No sidewalks, just a gravel berm on one side. The wooden steps are privately owned, used by someone to travel from their backyard to street level. Also, in the image you posted of the wooden steps, there’s now an abandoned SUV parked there mostly blocking pedestrian access. It hasn’t moved in over 6 months. I reported it to the borough last month and they came out and put a “Police Tow” sticker on it which means it’s supposed to be towed within 72 hours, but someone peeled the sticker off and now it’s still sitting there.

    Also, across the street from this bus stop the piers of the bridge are crumbling so the borough put up an orange construction fence leaving pedestrians about 18 inches of space to pass by. It’s been over two years and no repairs to the bridge have been made. This whole space is a train wreck.

  2. Came here to say this as well. This is my stop but since I just walk up the stairs it hadn’t dawned on me how terrible it was for everyone else.

  3. Us yinzers could win this contest year after year and barely scratch the surface of bad PAT bus stops .

  4. ? At last, my hometown bus stop makes the big time! (I used to live in West View, in the house that is now Bella Ria’s on the map.)

    An extra-sad thing about that West View bus stop is that it is on Center Avenue, which used to be the streetcar backbone of this onetime streetcar suburb.

  5. When I take the bus I use one of the stops down the street closer to my house, but I walk/run past this one at least 20 times per week.

  6. I’m a producer for WTAE-TV, would you be interested in talking to us on camera about this bus stop? Do you know anyone who uses this bus stop who would also be interested in speaking to us?

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