Survey: Americans Want DOTs to Factor Climate Change in Their Decisions

Graph: NRDC
Graphic: NRDC

Should we continue to let state transportation departments spend tens of billions of dollars in federal funds each year without regard to how highway expansions contribute to climate change? Right now U.S. DOT is looking to inject some accountability into a process that has created a very carbon-intensive transportation system, and a new poll suggests most Americans would welcome that.

The telephone survey of 1,000 adults, commissioned by the Natural Resources Defense Council, found that most Americans think that emissions from cars and trucks should factor into the decisions of transportation agencies. NRDC writes: “78 percent of Americans agree that ‘state transportation agencies should take vehicle-related carbon pollution and climate change into account when developing transportation plans, and also seek ways to reduce that pollution.'”

Responses varied somewhat across political lines, but solid majorities agree with the statement regardless of party: 92 percent of Democrats, 79 percent of Independents, and 64 percent of Republicans.

Support is especially strong among adults 18-34 (86 percent), women (88 percent), and Latinos (88 percent).

“We should modernize the way we plan and build the transportation systems of the future,” said Pete Altman, director of federal campaigns at NRDC. “President Obama has an opportunity, by delivering strong results, to cement a climate legacy as firmly grounded in transportation as it has been in the power sector.”

3 thoughts on Survey: Americans Want DOTs to Factor Climate Change in Their Decisions

  1. Before you issue another CO2 death threat to our children, consider this;

    REAL progressive planet lovers are now demanding science end this debate to SAVE THE PLANET.
    Even after the last 35 years of debate and climate action delay science still doesn’t need to say their CO2 END OF DAYS is as real as they say smoking causes cancer? Who’s the redneck in history?
    What else is stopping another 35 years of climate action failure to SAVE THE PLANET FROM CLIMATE CHANGE?

  2. Every tenant retailer in the world charges overhead for Market rent of scarce storefront, warehouse and office space as a part of the price of every sale.

    We know it takes thousands of human lifetimes for fossil CO2 a single person dumps by burning or clinkering or in process emissions to bleed out of the atmosphere and return to fossil form, making that fossil waste disposal scarce fruits of the land.

    We’ve known since 1776, the most elementary of economic principles from Wealth of Nations, that Market rents are the defense of a nation’s wealth from the Tragedy of the Commons, and that what is scarce must have attached to it a price so high as the Market will bear, set by the Law of Supply and Demand.

    The survey question would have been better worded were it to ask how much citizens were willing to sell their air for.

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