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Monday’s Headlines Are Roadkill

Possums squished under tires aren't the only victims of car-related violence. Pollution kills wildlife as well, and roads even prevent some species from mating.

12:01 AM EDT on September 11, 2023

  • Drivers kill about one million animals a year, but that's just a quarter of the animals that die due to cars and roads when pollution and habitat restrictions are taken into account. (City Lab)
  • In some major American cities, more than a quarter to nearly half of the land is devoted to storing cars. (Strong Towns)
  • The Nation reviewed Henry Grabar's "Paved Paradise: How Parking Explains the World."
  • Even as Uber continues to fight state-level labor laws, its CEO admits that the company doesn't treat its drivers very well. (Yahoo! Finance)
  • GM and Federal Express partnered to develop a zero-emissions delivery truck. (Fast Company)
  • Tire wear is a major contributor to water pollution, according to an Australian study. (New Atlas)
  • Why is this California city worried about e-bikes when cars kill so many more people? (L.A. Times)
  • More cars are not the key to revitalizing downtown D.C. (Greater Greater Washington)
  • Washington state's most recent carbon auction, intended to make pollution costly for companies, brought in $1.5 billion. The money will go toward projects that reduce emissions, though nothing specific has been identified. (Governing)
  • A court blocked Minneapolis' 2040 comprehensive plan that would have put an end to single-family zoning. (Star Tribune)
  • San Diego's proposed complete streets policy has too many loopholes. (KPBS)
  • Lowering the speed limit to 20 miles per hour didn't stop drivers from speeding near Arlington schools, so the city is installing speed humps. (ARLnow)
  • Anchorage has its first protected bike lane. (Daily News)
  • A multi-million-dollar San Jose parking lot for people who live in their vehicles sits mostly empty. (Spotlight)
  • Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow has not yet followed through on promises to improve transit service. (BlogTO)
  • China is flooding the world with cheap gas-powered cars. (New York Times)

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