Tuesday’s Headlines Are Dodging SUVs

Credit: Gersh Kuntzman/file
Credit: Gersh Kuntzman/file
  • Cyclists who are hit by drivers in SUVs are more likely to be killed or severely injured, because SUVs are taller and have higher front ends than cars, according to an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study. (Autoweek, StreetsblogUSA)
  • Subsidies buried in Democrats’ 2022 climate change legislation could encourage the production of dirty hydrogen that’s manufactured from polluting natural gas. (New York Times)
  • Sound Transit can’t repair faulty track supports for a Seattle light rail extension and will have to replace them, potentially pushing back the Lake Washington crossing. (Seattle Times)
  • A former CEO of the Charlotte Area Transit Authority says CATS administrators were incompetent for deferring maintenance that led to a derailment last year. (MSN)
  • Minneapolis bus rapid transit needs shorter headways to succeed. (Star Tribune)
  • A proposed delivery fee that would have funded transportation is dead in the Minnesota legislature. (MinnPost)
  • Electrified commuter rail would transform Massachusetts. (Banker & Tradesman)
  • Pensacola produced one of the top complete streets experts in the world (WUWF), and the Florida city is making progress on a waterfront walkability project that will include its first protected bike lane (News Journal)
  • Raleigh’s bikeshare shut down abruptly after the company that runs it filed for bankruptcy. (CBS 17)
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if it were actually safe for toddlers to tear ass down the sidewalk? (The Onion)


Photo: Lexus

Study: SUV Drivers Cause 55% Worse Injuries To Bicyclists They Hit

Just like pedestrians, bicyclists who are struck by SUV drivers endure significantly more severe injuries — particularly to the head — than those struck by the drivers of smaller cars, a new study finds, adding to a mountain of evidence that suggests regulators should do more to rein in deadly vehicle designs that are increasingly dominating U.S. roads.