Tuesday’s Headlines Avoid the Fiscal Cliff

Photo: Antonio Lowry Edward, CC
Photo: Antonio Lowry Edward, CC
  • A tax on millionaires, congestion pricing, fuel taxes and rideshare fees are some of the ideas cities and states have come up for preventing transit agencies from going over a fiscal cliff. (Transit Center)
  • Tailpipe emissions from cars and trucks account for a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions. States could be using federal infrastructure funds to lower that number, but instead most are building more roads. (Clean Technica)
  • The Biden administration’s proposed stricter EPA pollution rules are designed to ensure that most cars sold in the U.S. are electric by 2032. (New York Times)
  • GM is recalling 300 of its self-driving Cruise vehicles after one collided with a bus in San Francisco. (Detroit Free Press)
  • Biking in Portland is on the decline because it’s perceived as too white and too dangerous, and driving is still too easy, among many other reasons. (Bike Portland)
  • Connecticut should pass a Vision Zero bill because drivers killed 385 people there last year, including 65 cyclists and pedestrians. (Mirror)
  • Protected bike lanes will be added to many Washington state highway projects after the legislature passed a complete streets law. (The Urbanist)
  • Texas lawmakers are looking to pull the plug on Austin’s Project Connect transit expansion as estimated costs rise. (American-Statesman)
  • Residents of a primarily Latino neighborhood say the Houston Metro hasn’t reached out to them about a proposed bus rapid transit project. (KHOU)
  • The Omaha Metro is expanding into a regional transit authority. (World-Herald)
  • Durham is considering funding protected bike lanes after a driver killed the city budget director. (WRAL)
  • Cycling champion Ethan Boyd was hit and killed by a driver while riding his bike in a San Francisco park. (NBC News)
  • When someone abandoned an SUV in a Chicago bike lane for days, residents knew what to do. (CBS News)