Monday’s Headlines: Et Tu, Anne Hidalgo?

Photo:  Elvert Barnes/Flickr/CC
Photo: Elvert Barnes/Flickr/CC
  • By a nine-to-one margin, Paris voters banned e-scooters Sunday in a referendum that was backed by Mayor Anne Hidalgo, a strong biking and pedestrian advocate (The Guardian). But the verdict wasn’t as overwhelming as it sounds, with only 7 percent of voters participating, many motivated by anti-tourist sentiments (DW). Others were concerned about scooter riders weaving in and out of traffic and dodging pedestrians at high speeds (BBC).
  • Neither casting individual drivers as villains nor tactical urbanism are the answer to making cycling safe. Politicians must be held accountable for recognizing the right to ride a bike safely and designing streets that uphold that right. (The Nation)
  • As Nicholas Dagen Bloom writes in his new book “The Great American Transit Disaster,” it doesn’t take a conspiracy theory to explain decades of disinvestment in transit. (Governing)
  • Drivers killed 101 pedestrians in Massachusetts last year, compared to 75 in 2021. (Boston Globe)
  • The Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority will move forward with a controversial streetcar extension to Ponce City Market. (AJC)
  • Vexed by poor soil and tribal opposition, Sound Transit continues to mull routes for the Federal Way light rail extension in Seattle. (Mirror)
  • They may not be able to agree on whether to include light rail, but Washington state officials can agree that the new I-5 bridge should be tolled. (Oregon Public Broadcasting)
  • A fare-free transit pilot program in Connecticut is ending, which Gov. Ned LaMont blamed on a federal requirement to do an equity study. (New Hampshire Public Radio)
  • In a reversal of previous statements, Charlotte’s city manager now says he was told of a 2022 light rail derailment but missed the text. (WFAE)
  • Milwaukee’s new WisGo program will cap fares for transit riders and provide seamless transfers. (Smart Cities World)
  • Temple University hosted a forum for mayoral candidates to discuss mobility. (Temple News)
  • It’s a long drive deep to left … until the L.A. Metro provides a free express bus route to Dodger Stadium. (Spectrum News)