All Aboard Friday’s Headlines

Image: Pranav Bhatt via Creative Commons
Image: Pranav Bhatt via Creative Commons
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    Amtrak ridership rose by 10 million for the fiscal year ending September 30, and is almost back to pre-pandemic levels. (Reuters)

  • Despite the hype surrounding electric vehicles, plug-ins have only saved about two days’ worth of gasoline consumption over the past decade. (Jalopnik)
  • Sorry, New York Times, but the death of cities has been greatly exaggerated.
  • With thousands of new state and federal leaders set to take office in January, here’s how to engage them on transportation issues. (T4A)
  • The acting Federal Highway Administration chief praised Colorado for redirecting federal road money to transit, bike and pedestrian projects. (Colorado Public Radio)
  • Denverite profiles “sidewalk queen” Jill Locantore, who spearheaded the effort to convince Denver voters to tax property owners to fund sidewalks.
  • Appointed boards accountable to no one but road builders are largely responsible for Nevada’s sprawl. (Current)
  • The Buffalo News is fed up with traffic deaths.
  • A new Oregon law allows cities to set their own speed limits, removing a barrier to slowing down drivers. (Oregon Public Broadcasting)
  • Residents of Houston’s Third Ward say they weren’t engaged on a proposed bike lane project. (Chronicle)
  • Austin officials want to keep future buildouts in mind as they consider streamlining Project Connect transit expansions in the wake of rising costs. (KXAN)
  • Although street design has more to do with pedestrian deaths, Washington, D.C.-area jurisdictions are stepping up enforcement to get a handle on the crisis. (WUSA)
  • With demand rising,  officials in the Columbia, South Carolina area are considering expanding Columbia’s bike-share to nearby cities. (Charleston Post and Courier)
  • Eighteen Maine cities are collaborating on a Vision Zero plan. (Maine News Center)
  • French President Emmanuel Macron wants to fast-track development of a regional rail system beyond Paris. (RFI)
  • Windsor, Canada — right across the river from historically transit-averse Detroit — approved a record $100 million to improve transit. (Star)