Tuesday’s Headlines Are All-American

Image:  Constantin Müller, CC
Image: Constantin Müller, CC
  • Almost alone among developed nations, traffic deaths in the U.S. are rising a fact that finally caught the eye of the New York Times, even though Streetsblog has been covering it for years, and the federal government continues to do nothing.
  • Cities like New York where deaths are falling are proof that Vision Zero progress is possible, writes former Streetsblog editor Angie Schmitt. (City Lab)
  • The lifespan of the average shared e-scooter has risen from just eight months to five years. (Move Electric)
  • BRT could be a stopgap or an alternative to a long-abandoned Roosevelt Boulevard subway. (WHYY)
  • The Oregon DOT is planning on tolling two Portland freeways, with the revenue going toward transit and bike/pedestrian safety projects. (Oregon Public Broadcasting)
  • Even with funding on hold, the Central Ohio Transit Authority is moving ahead with designing new bus rapid transit routes. (Columbus Dispatch)
  • A Colorado light rail train that derailed in September was going 40 miles per hour entering a 10-mph curve. (Trains)
  • Seattle is diverting funds from transit to bridge repairs. (The Urbanist)
  • Big-box retailers’ massive parking lots were largely empty in Houston on Black Friday. (Chronicle)
  • Fare-free transit in Tucson will end Dec. 31 unless leaders find $9 million to continue funding it. (Arizona Daily Star)
  • Charlotte is piloting a new app that alerts drivers when they’re doing something dangerous or when pedestrians and cyclists are around. (Smart Cities Dive)
  • London’s ultra-low-emissions zone, where cars are restricted, will be expanded to cover the entire city. (The Guardian)
  • Critics crap all over bike lanes all the time, but in Toronto they’re doing it literally. (blog TO)