Friday’s Headlines Want You to Stay Safe

Image: Atomic Taco via Wikimedia Commons
Image: Atomic Taco via Wikimedia Commons
  • Despite a few recent high-profile Amtrak derailments, trains remain the safest way to travel on the ground (USA Today). And, we might add, far less damaging to the environment than flying.
  • Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg announced a $1 billion equity program to help repair the damage done by roadways that divided or segregated neighborhoods. (NPR)
  • In the latest Supreme Court outrage, the high court handcuffed the Biden administration’s ability to fight climate change by stopping the EPA from regulating power plants’ carbon dioxide emissions. (Politico)
  • The man who invented the shopping mall now regrets how they destroyed cities. (The Guardian)
  • Cargo bikes are becoming more popular worldwide as a climate-friendly way to take kids to school or carry groceries home. (New York Times)
  • Barack Obama is a YIMBY now. The former president spoke to a conference of architects about the importance of high-density development to reduce reliance on cars. (dezeen)
  • Newfangled parking meters can be annoying for drivers, but they also make it possible to reduce congestion and pollution by easily changing the price of parking at different times of day. (MarketWatch)
  • The lack of benches in urban areas makes them less hospitable to walking. (Arch Daily)
  • With a series of safety scandals, ridership that remains in the tank, a budget crisis looming and governance divided among three agencies, the D.C. Metro is in deep trouble. (Governing)
  • The L.A. Metro is starting a land bank to alleviate gentrification along new transit lines. (Daily News)
  • Cleveland and 13 other transit agencies in Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky are integrating their fares on one app. (Route Fifty)
  • Dallas needs $54 million to install ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps. (Fox 4)
  • Portland is rethinking how its use of concrete contributes to climate change. (KOIN)
  • London is now using cameras to fine drivers in bike lanes. (The Guardian)