Monday’s Headlines Are Biking With Biden

Screenshot via ABC News.
Screenshot via ABC News.
  • Joe Biden fell off his bike in Delaware (New York Times). He’s fine, and we can all probably relate, but Republicans predictably used the accident to take some potshots at POTUS (Newsweek).
  • In a strongly worded speech calling for renewable energy, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said continuing to rely on fossil fuels will create a permanent crisis of climate change, inflation and global conflict. (Punch)
  • Transit agencies are trying fare cuts and other promotions to lure riders back to commuter rail, but the reality is many of those riders may never return. Agencies will need higher subsidies to operate as an essential service to avoid cutbacks. (City Lab)
  • The average monthly car payment hit a record high of $712. (Jalopnik)
  • Lyft reached a $25 million settlement with shareholders who filed a lawsuit alleging the company didn’t disclose potential safety issues, like drivers assaulting passengers, before going public. (CNN)
  • The Federal Transit Administration is seeking public comment on automated buses. (Smart Cities Dive)
  • Transit-oriented development could save Minnesota’s Northstar commuter rail after its ridership was decimated by COVID. (
  • Austin is lowering speed limits on 48 major streets (KUT). Tacoma is also looking at lowering speed limits in several residential neighborhoods and business districts (News Tribune)
  • Eliminating a petition requirement for traffic-calming measures will make Charlotte’s street safety policy more equitable. (UNC Charlotte Urban Institute)
  • Better bike infrastructure could help solve Utah’s affordable housing crisis. (Utah Stories)
  • Portland has a problem with street racing that’s better solved by traffic-calming infrastructure than police enforcement. (Bike Portland)
  • San Antonio is consolidating payments for multiple transportation modes into one app. (Government Technology)
  • Phoenix is developing a road safety plan in response to a spike in traffic deaths. (Axios)
  • Athens, Georgia, approved a beefed-up complete streets policy. (Flagpole)
  • Plans for a Pro Football Hall of Fame streetcar in the Canton, Ohio, area are coming into focus. (WKSU)