Thursday’s Headlines Need An Assist

  • A coalition of nonprofits is working to help smaller cities, which often lack the expertise or resources to navigate the grant application process, to access $1 trillion in federal funding for infrastructure. (City Lab)
  • With e-bikes becoming more popular and policymakers interested in weaning themselves from Russian oil, protected bike lanes are a great way to encourage even more people to use pedal-assist bikes. (Bloomberg)
  • More bike storage is also needed to help e-bikes really take off. (Treehugger)
  • Streetsblog is featured in this video about the importance of quality bus shelters. (Facebook)
  • Two top D.C. Metro officials have resigned in the wake of revelations that train operators have not been receiving proper training. (Washington Post)
  • New Boston bus routes would boost service by 25 percent and even more on weekends. (WBUR)
  • Oregon officials are scheduled to take a vote today on sharply reducing urban parking mandates. (Sightline)
  • Houston’s bike network is growing, but cyclists say the city should do more to maintain bike lanes. (Houston Public Media)
  • It took cyclists’ deaths to spur Miami-Dade officials to take a closer look at protected bike lanes. (NBC Miami)
  • Charleston will start citing businesses that block sidewalks with signs. (Live 5 News)
  • Tempe is stepping up traffic enforcement on high-crash corridors. (ABC 15)
  • Burlington’s transit system will stay fare-free through the next fiscal year. (Vermont Digger)
  • The appropriately named Australian minister Karen Andrews is trying to block funding for light rail near investment property she owns. (The Guardian)
  • Lowering speed limits in Spain reduced traffic deaths by 14 percent. (Sur in English)