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Wednesday’s Headlines Are Coming Out Shooting

12:00 AM EDT on April 13, 2022

    • A combination of people on edge from the pandemic and a surge in gun sales has led to an explosion of road-rage shootings everywhere. While statistics are incomplete, one group found that drivers shot more than 500 people last year, up from 300 in 2019. (New York Times)
    • Soon 20 million EVs will be on the road globally, and the good news is that, despite Americans' penchant for giant, deadly trucks and SUVs, most of them are small (Jalopnik).
    • The biggest obstacle to adopting EVs in the U.S. is not just a lack of charging stations, but psychological. (Daily Beast)
    • American Airlines is replacing some short connecting flights with buses, igniting debate over the role of buses in intercity travel. High-speed rail advocates went nuts, but the real competition for buses is driving solo. (Streetsblog USA)
    • Maryland lawmakers overturned Gov. Larry Hogan's veto and passed legislation expediting rail projects and expanding commuter rail to take advantage of federal infrastructure funding. (Washington Post)
    • A California bill would require the Bay Area's confusing mishmash of 27 transit agencies to implement regional fare passes and maps. (San Jose Mercury News)
    • Transit ridership remains down drastically in Milwaukee since the start of the pandemic, and drivers' patterns are changing, with less traffic during rush hours and more on weekends. (Urban Milwaukee)
    • The D.C. Metro is aiming to build 20 transit-oriented developments by 2032. (Transportation Today)
    • Concrete workers are ending their strike, allowing several delayed Seattle transit projects to move forward. (Fox 13)
    • Almost half of Tucson streets are missing a sidewalk. (KGUN)
    • Amtrak is trying to get access to freight haulers' railroads for a New Orleans-to-Mobile line, and it's taken the beef to gamer live-streaming service Twitch. (Vice)

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