Monday’s Headlines Need Not Apply

Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chair Peter DeFazio (D-OR). Photo: Creative Commons
Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chair Peter DeFazio (D-OR). Photo: Creative Commons
  • New White House guidance will make it easier for smaller communities to apply for infrastructure funds. (Smart Cities Dive)
  • State and local leaders are looking a gift horse in the mouth by questioning federal restrictions on how they can spend infrastructure funds. (Stateline)
  • Suspending the gas tax wouldn’t save motorists much money at the pump, but it would take a huge chunk out of President Biden’s signature infrastructure legislation. (Politico)
  • Sustainable mobility is now the focus for transit agencies worldwide. (The City Fix)
  • A new company is working with Ford and Volvo to recycle old electric car batteries. (Bloomberg)
  • Portland has a list of projects it will seek to fund with federal infrastructure grants. (BikePortland)
  • Utah transit ridership is up 20 percent during Fare-Free February. (TownLift)
  • San Francisco is considering ditching Lyft for its own public bike-share. (Chronicle)
  • Scrapping plans for a road diet on Philadelphia’s Washington Avenue over political blowback compromises safety for the many residents who don’t own a car. (WHYY)
  • A Pittsburgh transit group accuses former mayor Bill Perduto of pushing innovation that benefited high-income residents over meeting the needs of low-income residents. (Post-Gazette)
  • Maryland officials are urging the state to expand commuter rail so residents can access jobs. (Maryland Matters)
  • Charlotte’s transit system continues to struggle with COVID-19 and still couldn’t meet residents’ needs even if everyone were healthy. (UNC Charlotte Urban Institute)
  • St. Louis has a chance to reconnect neighborhoods separated by the Mark Twain Expressway. (Urban Review)
  • Despite the presence of prominent new Texas resident Elon Musk, a proposed link between Dallas and Fort Worth will be high-speed rail and not a hyperloop. (The Texan)
  • Cars make people crazy, part infinity: Someone shot a double-parked delivery driver in Philadelphia. (NBC 10)


Wall Street Bailout Money For Infrastructure? Maybe Not

President Obama will deliver a speech on job creation this morning in Washington, but one tactic that has won over quite a few Democrats of late — redirecting unspent money from last year’s financial bailout to transportation — may not be as possible as lawmakers had thought. White House economic adviser Larry Summers promised earlier […]