Friday’s Headlines Are Obeying the Speed Limit

Lowering speed limits has reduced fatality and injury rates in New York City. Photo: NYC DOT
Lowering speed limits has reduced fatality and injury rates in New York City. Photo: NYC DOT
  • Cities and counties are hiring lobbyists to procure more of those Biden bucks, even as the administration tries to simplify the process. (Washington Post)
  • Traffic tickets don’t always deter people who can afford to pay them, and for those who can’t, it can have life-changing consequences. (The Atlantic)
  • If you want drivers to slow down, lowering the speed limit alone isn’t good enough. (Streetsblog USA)
  • $16 billion in federal highway safety funds are now available. (Traffic Technology Today)
  • Regulations on self-driving vehicles are going nowhere fast. (Bloomberg)
  • If drivers start slowing down on your street, you can thank Joe Biden. (ABC News)
  • Sure, let’s make people walk and pedal up and over bridges instead of making it safe to cross at grade or making cars do the work. (Fast Company)
  • Eh, let’s just give everyone an electric golf cart. (Vice)
  • There have been a ton of stories about city-dwellers who are working from home are fleeing for the suburbs (CNBC), but here comes a report that rising gas prices are putting the kibbosh on sprawl. (Anthropecene Magazine)
  • In more contrarian news, the opening of a Minneapolis bus rapid transit line did not affect property values. (University of Minnesota)
  • As lots of cities are eliminating parking requirements, Miami is going in the opposite direction. (Commercial Observer)
  • Chicago’s Metra transit system has been awarded $514 million in federal funds. (Mass Transit)
  • Los Angeles Lyft drivers are protesting the dangers of ride-sharing due to the pandemic. (CBS Local)
  • Portland’s traffic deaths hit a 30-year high, and a third of the victims were unhoused at the time of their death. (KATU)
  • Transportation has now overtaken energy as the biggest polluter in North Carolina. (Charlotte Observer)
  • Finish the Lincoln-to-Omaha bike trail, you cowards. (1011 Now)
  • Riding a bike without a helmet? It’s a no for Simon Cowell. (Page Six)


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