Tuesday’s Headlines Are Bigger Than Ever

Photo: Motor Trend.
Photo: Motor Trend.
  • Transit agencies all over the country are suffering from labor shortages that are impacting service and complicating efforts to recover from a dip in ridership during the pandemic. (Washington Post)
  • Americans are buying more trucks, and those trucks keep getting taller and heavier, which might make those inside feel safer but is contributing to a spike in pedestrian deaths. (The Atlantic)
  • All the parklets and bike lanes cities created during the pandemic could help fight climate change — if cities keep them around (Wired). And cities are in fact making many of those changes permanent (Fast Company).
  • Next City predicts that fare-free transit will catch on in 2022.
  • After reading up on “stroads” — fast, wide thoroughfares that combine the worst features of streets and roads — a pro-car writer started to re-evaluate her position. (The Drive)
  • Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies routinely stop cyclists to search them for weapons or drugs, even though fewer than 10% are carrying anything illegal. (L.A. Times)
  • Boston is eliminating minimum parking requirements for affordable housing to spur construction of more below-market homes. (The Real Deal)
  • People without cars are lined up around the block in Oakland for COVID tests. (Jean Walsh/Twitter)
  • A man who fell off his bike accidentally stabbed himself with a sword in the process. Yes, this happened in Florida. (WTSP)