Friday’s Headlines Are Keeping It Real

Image via  Creative Commons.
Image via Creative Commons.
  • They’re expensive and deadly, not liberating and fun. So why not regulate car commercials like cigarette ads? (The Stranger)
  • Electric vehicles are already dangerous for pedestrians because they’re so quiet, and now Goodyear is developing a noise-reducing tire. (Jalopnik)
  • Too often police stop BIPOC individuals who are just riding their bikes or waiting for a bus. (Rocky Mountain PBS)
  • A referendum on gig worker benefits similar to California’s Prop 22 is closer to making it onto the Massachusetts ballot. (Boston Globe)
  • Months after a mass shooting at a San Jose train yard, Valley Transit employees are returning to work. (Mercury News)
  • The Federal Transit Administration is threatening to claw back a $37 million federal grant if St. Louis’ Delmar Loop trolley isn’t running again by June 1. (Post-Dispatch)
  • The Kansas City streetcar could potentially expand north across the Missouri River. (KSHB)
  • New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s legacy is eight years of more cars and more traffic deaths. (Streetsblog NYC)
  • Bike Portland wants Oregon to emulate Colorado’s new rule requiring the DOT to take into account climate change when approving road projects.
  • A coalition of nonprofits and housing advocates is working to ensure that gentrification doesn’t price out residents along Maryland’s Purple Line when the light rail line is completed. (Washington Post)
  • Complete Streets is one of the issues Atlantans want newly elected Mayor Andre Dickens to tackle. (AJC)