Friday’s Headlines Are Stuffed

  • Red states regularly reject federal funding or divert it away from cities, where it’s most needed, to suburbs and rural areas. To avoid this, the Biden administration should bypass states and deal directly with metropolitan planning organizations. (The Nation)
  • Instead of tax breaks, Biden should just give everyone an e-bike. (The Nation)
  • Women want to be able to feel safe walking at night, but cities are built for men. (The Fifth Estate)
  • A Virginia jury awarded $25 million in damages to nine plaintiffs injured in the 2017 white supremacist riot in Charlottesville, where James Field mowed down anti-fascist protesters with his car. (Raw Story)
  • Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg announced a $22 million grant for a Baltimore bus rapid transit line, but was noncommittal when asked about resurrecting the Red Line. (WYPR)
  • Honolulu received an extension on a federal grant for its troubled light rail line, buying time to fix its problems. (Civil Beat)
  • Massachusetts is not enforcing regulations on Uber and Lyft drivers, according to a state audit. (Boston Herald)
  • The Los Angeles Times editorial board chided the city for not fixing broken sidewalks. Austin, meanwhile, is making progress on a sidewalk upgrade initiative (Monitor).
  • The Kansas City Star has a primer on the city’s bike lanes and plans for the future.
  • Pittsburgh residents held a memorial to draw attention to the record number of traffic deaths this year. (City Paper)
  • The UK is passing a requirement for every new and renovated building to have electric vehicle charging stations. (Dezeen)
  • Nine of the 10 cities with the worst air pollution worldwide are in India. (CNN)