Friday’s Headlines Are Dodging F-150s

  • Pickup trucks are taller, heavier, have bigger blind spots, take longer to brake and lack safety features compared to cars and SUVs, making them more dangerous to pedestrians. (Consumer Reports)
  • Data is important for cities trying to end racial disparities in transportation — but so is context that data alone can’t provide. Planners need to talk to community members about their experiences as well. (City Lab)
  • Watchdog group U.S. PIRG says House Democrats’ transportation bill would increase funding for complete streets and transit, and emphasize road repairs over new construction.
  • Rural transit has rare bipartisan support as lawmakers negotiate a new surface transportation bill. (Bloomberg)
  • Uber and Lyft are ramping up lobbying efforts at state capitols for Prop 22-style laws cementing drivers’ status as contractors without labor rights. (New York Times)
  • Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg highlighted transit agencies’ efforts to get people vaccinated. (Intelligent Transport)
  • Miami is using e-scooter fees to build micromobility lanes downtown that benefit scooter riders. (Smart Cities Dive)
  • Seattle’s Sound Transit is restoring eight-minute headways on light rail. (Seattle Times)
  • Downtown Phoenix’s first protected two-way bike path is now open. (KTAR)
  • Dallas has a goal of ending traffic deaths by 2030, but it still has the second-highest road fatality rate of any U.S. city. (D Magazine)
  • Houston, on the other hand, has quietly become an underrated city for cycling. (Rice Kinder Institute)
  • The Portland city council added $450,000 to its Vision Zero budget. (Oregon Public Broadcasting)
  • The Kansas City Star reminds readers upset about prices at the pump that transit is free and bike-share is cheaper than gas.
  • Tired of sky-high Uber and Lyft fares? The Washington Post has alternatives.
  • New to Pittsburgh? Here’s how to navigate it by bike and transit. (City Paper)
  • An MIT study on Beijing’s policy restricting car ownership found that residents got around it by going outside the city to purchase vehicles, indicating a regional approach is key.
  • Courtesy of Patton Oswalt’s Twitter feed: Remember, if you’re going pillaging in England, always wear a helmet!


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