Thursday’s Headlines to Keep the Fun Going

  • We already know how to achieve Vision Zero: by requiring advanced safety technology in cars, lowering speeds and designing streets that are safe for all. (Governing)
  • A Rice-Kinder Institute report highlights the most pressing infrastructure needs in the U.S., including dozens of transit projects like New York’s Second Avenue subway and high-speed rail in Colorado. (Route Fifty)
  • The Washington Post and Transportation for America think Republicans’ infrastructure counteroffer is a nonstarter.
  • Minimum parking requirements are driving up climate-change emissions and need to go. (City Lab)
  • Despite a glorious history, intercity buses have gotten short shrift for a long time, even more so during the pandemic, which cut into their revenue with no federal bailout. (National Geographic)
  • Safe streets are essential to a vibrant city. (Greater Greater Washington)
  • Portland is waiving $11 million in fines against the U.S. government for building a fence around the federal courthouse that blocked a bike lane during last summer’s protests. (KATU)
  • Colorado’s highway expansion plans will add 70,000 cars to roads each year, running counter to the state’s transportation and climate goals. (Rocky Mountain Institute)
  • It’s not as sexy as light rail, but Dallas transit’s efforts to improve frequency on its busiest routes is helping to pick up riders. (D Magazine)
  • The Charleston Post and Courier is a big fan of the city’s new green-painted bike lanes.
  • Meanwhile, Richmond is painting a bus lane read. (Times-Dispatch)
  • Honolulu is building more protected bike lanes. (KITV)
  • Philadelphia is improving a bike lane where a driver killed a cycling woman just days before. (Fox 29)
  • Wilmington is discussing a new sales tax to help pay for transit. (WECT)
  • Roundabouts, how do they work? (Jalopnik)


Today’s Headlines

Voters told pollsters that "jobs and the economy" were their No. 1 concerns this year, which is keeping discussion of a new infrastructure spending package very much alive in Washington (Bloomberg) What’s the real lesson of this past Election Day? That ballot measures for transportation investment do well (Morning News) Blumenauer introduces a bill that […]

U.S. DOT to Challenge AASHTO Supremacy on Bike/Ped Safety Standards

For years, the federal government has adopted roadway guidelines that fall far short of what’s needed — and what’s possible — to protect cyclists and pedestrians. By “playing it safe” and sticking with old-school engineering, U.S. DOT allowed streets to be unsafe for these vulnerable road users. But that could be changing. The bike-friendliest transportation […]