Wednesday’s Headlines to Get Over the Hump

  • To meet President Biden’s climate goals, getting people back onboard transit will be key. (Bloomberg)
  • Biden’s infrastructure package is gaining steam in cities, thanks to funding to remove freeways that gouged through Black neighborhoods in the 1950s and ’60s. (Reuters)
  • Biden’s plan falls short on spending what is needed to address the nation’s infrastructure crisis, but at least it moves the needle on equity. (Newsweek)
  • Breaking: Republicans still aren’t serious about doing an infrastructure deal. (AP)
  • Transit agencies are helping people get vaccinated by offering free rides to vaccination sites, or even setting up their own sites in empty parking garages. (Pew)
  • After an uncertain year during the pandemic, micromobility is making a comeback, and bike- and scooter-shares could set records this summer. (Government Technology)
  • An Austin citizens group is pushing back on widening I-25. (Monitor)
  • Philadelphia is teaching schoolkids how to walk and bike safely (WHYY). Now, if they’d only teach adults how to drive safely.
  • A vindictive Gov. Jared Polis is cutting Denver’s transit agency out of a highway-centric $4-billion transportation package because he’s upset about delays on a Boulder rail line. (Colorado Public Radio)
  • A year after the Atlanta city council voted to lower speed limits to 25 miles per hour, the city is now replacing about 1,000 signs on 300 streets. (AJC)
  • A Florida bill seeking to make crosswalks with flashing beacons safer could have the opposite effect, because the beacons would be shut down if the federal government doesn’t approve the change from yellow to red lights. (Tampa Bay Weekly)
  • Here’s CNBC’s Shep Smith doing his best to make Elon Musk’s Las Vegas car tunnel sound like some kind of innovation, as if people haven’t been building underground roads for 100 years. (Vice)


Key House Republicans Aren’t Buying Administration HSR Proposal

Vice President Joe Biden’s announcement of a $53 billion infusion for high-speed rail has fallen like a lead balloon on the ears of some key GOP leaders. House Transportation Committee Chair John L. Mica (R-FL) and Railroads Subcommittee Chair Bill Shuster (R-PA) expressed “extreme reservations” about the plan. “This is like giving Bernie Madoff another […]