Tuesday’s Headlines from Around Our Nation

  • File under: Walking while Black. New video shows California police killing a homeless, mentally ill father after confronting him for jaywalking across an empty street last September (CBS This Morning). In Texas, police arrested a teenager for walking home from work down the middle of the road to avoid the icy sidewalk during the recent blizzard (Daily Mail).
  • Uber, Lyft and delivery companies spent $200 million to convince California voters that they couldn’t afford to raise drivers’ wages or provide benefits without raising prices — and now they’re raising prices anyway. (The Verge)
  • Portland’s new transportation commissioner wants to introduce car-free districts and slow down cars, and is opposed to traffic enforcement, as well as widening I-5. (Bike Portland)
  • Massachusetts’ $16 billion transportation bond bill includes $5 billion for transit and $50 million for Complete Streets. (Transport Topics)
  • A Fresno congressman has introduced a $32-billion bill to complete a high-speed rail line between Los Angeles and San Francisco. (Streetsblog CAL)
  • The Federal Transit Administration is rethinking an auto-centric design for Union Station in Washington, D.C. that include a controversial parking garage. (Washington Post)
  • The Cleveland Plain Dealer calls on the Ohio legislature to reject Gov. Mike DeWine’s proposal to slash already-meager state funding for transit.
  • Minnesota should rethink the flawed design for the Gold Line bus rapid transit project. (streets.mn)
  • New Orleans officials are considering revamping bus and streetcar routes with the goal of getting workers to their jobs within 20 minutes. (Times-Picayune)
  • Texas residents used their hybrid pickup trucks to run appliances during the recent blackout, which could become a selling point for the ginormous vehicles. (Core 77)
  • A bill introduced by a Washington State Republican would tax bike buyers and transit users to help pay for road maintenance. (Seattle Times)
  • Gainesville is planning pedestrian safety improvements to two streets where drivers have killed University of Florida students. (Sun)
  • Flagstaff is reintroducing paid parking after suspending fees during the pandemic. (Arizona Daily Sun)
  • El Paso is planning more bike lanes downtown. (KFOX 14)
  • Sweden is replacing parking with outdoor gathering spaces. (World Economic Forum)
  • London could be getting a linear park similar to New York City’s High Line. (The Guardian)