Tuesday’s Headlines to Really Start the Workweek

  • The gender disparity in cycling still exists, but the pandemic combined with greater transportation leadership roles for women are convincing more women to hop on a bike. (Next City)
  • The Federal Transit Administration is accepting applications for $180 million in grants to buy low- and no-emissions buses. (Progressive Railroading)
  • Uber and Lyft drivers in California have filed a new lawsuit seeking to overturn Prop 22 after a judge dismissed a similar case. (Legal Reader)
  • Secure pods that can squeeze seven bikes into one car space could solve New York City’s bike parking shortage. (Curbed, following Streetsblog NYC)
  • Like many areas, Washington, D.C. has seen a spike in traffic deaths during the pandemic despite fewer cars on the road. (Post)
  • A bike lane halfway across the Bay Bridge could be extended all the way to San Francisco. (SFGate)
  • Las Vegas transit will get a $61-million cash infusion from the feds (Review-Journal). But even with federal coronavirus funding, Sound Transit still faces an $11.5-billion shortfall (Seattle Times).
  • Indiana lawmakers are pointing to a drop in Red Line ridership in threatening funding for two future Indianapolis bus rapid transit lines. But transit officials say they need all three lines for the system to function properly. (Star)
  • Opposition from suburban Atlanta mayors is jeopardizing sales-tax funding for BRT in North Fulton County. (Reporter)
  • A Pittsburgh-area commission has identified locations for new transit centers in the region. (Post-Gazette)
  • Philadelphians are pushing for a safer Spring Garden Street as the corridor comes up for a redesign. (Inquirer)
  • Washtenaw County in suburban Detroit is discussing a connected network of protected bike lanes. (MLive)
  • Fresno is considering fare-free transit. (Bee)
  • The Charleston Post and Courier lauded the South Carolina DOT for embracing Complete Streets.
  • Forward Pinellas awarded a $1-million grant for Complete Streets improvements in St. Petersburg. (St. Pete Catalyst)


Today’s Headlines

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HUD Announces Winners of $100M in Sustainability Grants

Planners in 45 regions in 27 states have a little more to work with today in their efforts to shape sustainable growth. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced the winners of nearly $100 million in grants from its new Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant Program, intended to connect “housing with good jobs, […]