All Aboard for Thursday’s Headlines

  • Transit is on the ballot in at least 15 cities this November. Will calls for racial justice spur voters to spend on more equitable transit systems, or will anxiety about the economy cause voters to reject more taxes? (City Lab)
  • People who telecommute wind up driving more for reasons other than going to work, so only a car-free lifestyle can truly lower carbon emissions. (The Conversation)
  • Joe Biden rode Amtrak on a whistle-stop tour of Ohio and Pennsylvania. (Associated Press)
  • Speed limits are based on how fast drivers actually drive, not what’s safe, so drivers basically get to set their own speed limits. (Grist)
  • Mobile ticketing could help transit agencies recover from their drop in ridership during the pandemic. (Intelligent Transport)
  • An Uber software engineer explains that he’s voting against Prop 22—the company’s effort to overturn a California workers’ rights law—because he realized ride-hailing apps are only effective because drivers subsidize it with their unpaid labor. (Tech Crunch)
  • Lime didn’t meet Seattle’s requirement that it place 10 percent of its rental bikes in neighborhoods that are home to large numbers of low-income residents, immigrants and people of color. (Seattle Times)
  • Honolulu will extend a troubled light-rail line in phases if funding runs out. (Civil Beat)
  • The Houston city council is considering a $100 fine for drivers who park in bike lanes. (Houston Chronicle)
  • Massachusetts transit agencies need more state funding. (Worcester Telegram)
  • Spectrum News has a rundown on Austin’s transit referendum.
  • Oklahoma City streetcar workers are unionizing in response to a COVID-19 outbreak. (Fox 25)
  • Boulder is seeking feedback on quick-build improvements for its nascent Vision Zero program. (Daily Camera)
  • San Jose already has 400 miles of bike lanes and is looking to add more. (Spotlight)
  • From propellers to rocket sleds to something that looks like the inspiration for “Snowpiercer,” here are the 10 coolest train designs of all time. (The Drive)


Today’s Headlines

New York officials announce that Broadway will remain car-free in midtown (Streetsblog NYC) In the quest for bike-friendly cities, are snobby cyclists their own worst enemies? (A. Prospect) D.C. responds to its weather challenges by building new infrastructure: a snow mountain (WSJ) Korea eyes an estimated $45B deal to help build California’s high-speed rail network […]