Monday’s Headlines to Kick Off the Week

  • Fast Company published an excerpt from former Streetsblog USA Editor Angie Schmitt’s new book, “Right of Way: Race, Class, and the Silent Epidemic of Pedestrian Deaths in America.” (We interviewed Angie last week.)
  • California planner Tamika Butler calls for equity and inclusion to root out discrimination in transportation. (RPA)
  • The Governors Highway Safety Association says that states need to build more micromobility infrastructure and come up with a uniform set of regulations. (Smart Cities World)
  • Switching to a franchise model won’t save Uber and Lyft from legal challenges over their labor practices. (Bloomberg)
  • Flexibility will be key as transit agencies recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. (Cities Today)
  • President Trump’s failure to fill positions at the Department of Energy could make it tougher for a future Biden administration to implement his $2-trillion climate change plan. (E&E News)
  • The Federal Transit Administration released funding for a New Jersey rail bridge, a Kansas City streetcar extension, light rail in Phoenix and northern Indiana commuter rail (Progressive Railroading), as well as bus rapid transit in Miami (CBS Miami).
  • Strong Towns has a four-part series on how Kansas City saddled itself with too many roads and parking lots.
  • Google sister company Waymo is testing autonomous trucks in Texas. (Transport Topics)
  • The Los Angeles Metro is considering going fare-free in 2021. (Streetsblog LA)
  • San Francisco is looking at congestion pricing as a solution for growing traffic gridlock. (Examiner)
  • In Austin, some are worried that a $7-billion transit package will lead to gentrification. (Community Impact)
  • Black people make up only 6 percent of Portland, but are 18 percent of the people stopped by police for traffic infractions. (Bike Portland)
  • A South African woman who turned 111 last week offered the secret to longevity: she never owned a car. (Jewish Telegraph Agency)