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Monday’s Headlines from the U.S.A.

12:01 AM EDT on July 13, 2020

    • Oddly enough, 2020 could be a breakthrough year for high-speed rail in the U.S. Privately built projects between Houston and Dallas, and Los Angeles and Las Vegas, are getting closer to reality, and Wall Street is starting to take notice. (CNN)
    • A leading bike helmet manufacturer is stressing to new cyclists who've taken up the habit during the pandemic that helmets may not be effective when people are hit by one-ton-plus vehicles. In fact, some research indicates that wearing a helmet may actually be detrimental because drivers give cyclists without helmets a wider berth. (Forbes)
    • According to Foursquare, the data company, transit use and ride-hailing are down during the pandemic, while bike-share use and visits to car dealerships are up. (Media Post)
    • Realtors are pushing the idea that city-dwellers are fleeing coronavirus and moving to the suburbs ( despite evidence to the contrary (City Observatory).
    • A New York Times interactive feature shows you just how much space in Manhattan is taken up by cars, and what would happen if it were given back to people. Streetsblog also covered.
    • The D.C. Metro is considering reducing fares or making bus rides free for low-income people who qualify for Medicaid. About half of bus riders are considered essential workers who've continued to use the bus, while most train commuters are able to work from home. (Washington Post)
    • In addition, the District DOT is quick-building three new bike and bus lanes, which will allow for increased service, getting people moving faster and reducing their exposure to COVID-19. (Greater Greater Washington)
    • In contrast to previous studies that found Uber and Lyft drivers often make less than minimum wage after gas and maintenance are factored in, one recent study found that drivers in Seattle make $23 an hour — close to the city's median wage. But other researchers criticized the Cornell study. (Reuters)
    • Norway offers lots of incentives for people to buy electric vehicles, and now 10 percent of its fleet is zero-emissions. (The Driven)
    • Maybe you have seen this famous ad, but it reminds us again: Buses are badass:

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