Wednesday’s Headlines

  • Uber and Lyft are distracting investors from better and cheaper ways to fix transportation. (The Week)
  • The Federal Transit Administration has awarded $85 million in grants for low- and no-emissions buses and $33 million for ferries. (SmartCitiesWorld)
  • Does this have anything to do with the FTA? Probably not! But the world’s largest electric ferry just made its maiden voyage. (CNBC)
  • It used to be easy to take transit to the beach. Not anymore. (City Lab)
  • San Diego is selling $335 million in bonds to help finance the Mid-Coast Trolley’s Blue Line extension. (Fox 5)
  • More than a fifth of Denver’s 76 pedestrian deaths since 2013 happened Federal Boulevard. It was one of the first streets targeted for a Vision Zero makeover last summer. (Westword)
  • A nonprofit for people with disabilities urges Phoenix voters to reject the anti-rail Prop 105. (Arizona Capitol Times)
  • Light rail is back up and running in Baltimore six weeks after a sinkhole shut down the system. (Fishbowl)
  • Six D.C. Metro stations are expected to reopen on Sept. 9, which will also mark the return of parking fees that were waived during construction. (WTOP)
  • The Rhode Island DOT wants to cut $37 million from pedestrian and bike infrastructure. (eco RI)
  • Columbus buses are moving faster now that they’re using a dedicated bus/bike lane (Dispatch), and a new dedicated bus lane opened last weekend in downtown Austin — and no, it’s not going the wrong way. (Spectrum News).
  • Life comes at you fast: A California IT professional thought he found a clever way to avoid getting tickets. He wound up with $6,000 worth of them and now refuses to pay. (The Drive)
  • Hasan Minhaj has figured out all the problems with American transit. (Milwaukee Record)

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