Friday’s Headlines

  • Speeding up the shift to electric vehicles in the U.S., as China is doing, could boost the economy and have a major impact on climate change. So could building more bike lanes and transit infrastructure. (Fast Company)
  • A proposed Senate bill would set aside 5 percent of federal highway funds for Complete Streets. Better than nothing. (Curbed, Streetsblog)
  • New York City has no regard for cyclists’ lives. (Bicycling)
  • Washington, D.C.’s Metrobus received a D on a report card issued by the Coalition for Smarter Growth. Only 60 percent of buses on 34 routes measured were on time. (Washington Post)
  • Uber and Lyft drivers rallied in Sacramento in support of a California gig workers’ rights bill that passed out of a Senate committee Wednesday (L.A. Times). Meanwhile, City Lab delves into how the bill would protect those drivers.
  • Two candidates for Nashville mayor — incumbent David Briley and John Ray Clemmons — support light rail, while two others do not. (WSMV)
  • Boston cyclists used their bodies to make the point that the city needs protected, not just painted, bike lanes. (Globe)
  • Baton Rouge will launch a bike-share program Monday (The Advocate) and Syracuse launched one Wednesday (Post-Standard) as Topeka is thinking about shutting its down (WIBW).
  • A water main break could shut down light rail in Baltimore for weeks. (WJZ)
  • A new biography is out about Major Taylor, an African-American man who won renown — and faced discrimination — as the world’s fastest cyclist in the late 19th century. (Minneapolis Star-Tribune)
  • Try to contain your rage at this New York City billionaire who thinks the public right-of-way belongs to him. (Daily News)

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