Friday’s Headlines

  • Uber wants a monopoly on transportation — not only ride-hailing, but public transit, flight, delivery, ambulances and even freight (Axios). Speaking of Uber, the company says it will launch flying taxis in Dallas and Los Angeles in 2023. (Commercial Observer)
  • Wired asks if micromobility in America is a bust. Spoiler alert: No.
  • Or is it? Chinese bike-share company Ofo, once valued at $2 billion, is now bankrupt. (Quartz)
  • Changes are coming to three extremely dangerous streets: San Francisco’s Howard and Folsom are getting protected bike lanes  and bus-only lanes (Examiner). In Philadelphia, Mayor Jim Kenney signed a bill adding speed cameras to Roosevelt Boulevard (Curbed).
  • The Cincinnati City Council approved a measure filling a streetcar shortfall, partly with revenue from higher parking fines. (WCPO)
  • Tacoma, Wash. is spending $217 million to replicate a streetcar route it paved over 70 years ago. (News Tribune)
  • San Diego’s new $44-million bus rapid transit line isn’t so rapid — it’s actually slower than the ordinary bus line it replaced. (inewsource)
  • As expected, the Federal Transit Administration formally approved a $74-million grant for the bus rapid transit Orange Line in Minneapolis. (Star Tribune)
  • Seattle is increasing the amount of time for people to cross the street to reduce pedestrian deaths. (KING)
  • Momentum is growing for a new Charlotte-area light rail line. (Rock Hill Herald)

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  1. The San Diego “fake” BRT should be a wake up call to transit agencies. If they are going to cave in on TSP and dedicated lanes, they are achieving nothing but wasting money on painting buses special colors.

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