Thursday’s Headlines

  • President Trump’s proposed budget includes $200 million for infrastructure, but leaves the details up to Congress. (MarketWatch) While road-pavers argue that investment pays for itself (The Hill), another shutdown showdown looms. (Politico) Meanwhile, with Washington in gridlock, states are saying they’ll do it themselves. (Crain’s)
  • The Streets for All Coalition, whose formation was announced at South by Southwest this week, will advocate for “improved mobility, equitable access and reduced car dependence in communities everywhere.” (Smart Cities Dive)
  • In Austin, Tex., semi-dockless e-scooters are hitting the sweet spot between order and less order. (City Lab)
  • Complete Streets projects are in jeopardy in Atlanta because of a funding shortfall. What are the city’s priorities? (Curbed)
  • Over 70 percent of San Francisco’s cyclist and pedestrian deaths happen on just 12 percent of streets. (Chronicle)
  • Drivers killed fewer people in Seattle last year than 2017, but more than half of the people killed were on foot. (Seattle Times)
  • In Washington, D.C., Capital Bikeshare users are getting frustrated with glitches that left some riders unable to check out or return bikes. (Post)
  • Can we call it buslash? Indianapolis residents are freaking out about a new bus rapid transit line. (WISH, WTHR)
  • Baton Rouge’s bike-share system will start up in May with 500 bikes at 50 locations. (The Advocate)
  • Atlanta urbanist Darin Givens has seen the future of transportation, and it is the wienermobile. (Twitter)

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