Talking Headways Podcast: This is Not the TIF You’re Looking For

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SB Donation NYC header 2This week, we chat with Professor Deborah Salon of Arizona State about “location value capture.” Most important, Salon and I discuss the main points of a research study she wrote with several colleagues about how transit systems can increase the value of locations they serve. We also chat about where location value capture shouldn’t be used and whether certain mechanisms such as tax-increment financing (TIF) take too much value for individual projects.

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  1. If you’re going to talk about “gentrification and displacement” as a problem of fact in search of a solution the burden is on you to a) prove that it’s happening and b) why it’s happening. Because every serious study on it so far shows that while gentrification happens, displacement is generally not a thing. People move for lots of reasons. The rent going up to an unaffordable level represents a relatively small percentage of people moving.

    The actual reasons for rising housing costs in certain markets are a combination of historically low wages and historically low housing production, along with a rapidly rising population, rising energy costs and changes in technology and commerce. The latter issue having lead to most job and GDP growth happening in ~30 of the largest metro areas in the country. That all adds up to the now 20 year old boom in urban real estate values in those cities.

    Affixing blame for rising housing prices to investments in infrastructure, and in turn problematizing transit is lazy, dangerous, and especially embarrassing when it comes from academics and professionals.

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