Monday’s Headlines: Back to the Grind Edition

  • With a federal deadline looming, Duke University is considering backing out of plans for light rail between Durham and Orange, N.C. The project can’t move forward without Duke-owned land. (News & Observer)
  • In the 1960s and ’70s — with gas prices high and cities decaying and choked with smog — the federal government invested in mass transit big time. But it wasn’t enough to reverse decades of decline at the hands of the automobile. (Curbed)
  • Cincinnati’s city manager says taking over the troubled streetcar from the Southeast Ohio Regional Transit Agency would be a long, complicated and expensive process. (WCOP)
  • Milwaukee’s new streetcar, The Hop, is averaging 2,191 riders per day, exceeding expectations. (Journal Sentinel)
  • Harrisburg, Penn., plans to remove two car lanes from State Street — the deadliest road in the nation — and add two bike lanes and four crosswalks. (Penn Live)
  • St. Louis doctors say they’ve confirmed at least 68 scooter-related injuries, and they want the city to address safety concerns. (KADK)
  • A Philadelphia conservancy is converting a park’s long-abandoned trolley network into a walking, biking and equestrian trail. (Inquirer)
  • Washington, D.C., has hired crews and bought equipment to clear snow from bike lanes and sidewalks. (Smart Cities Dive)
  • After Missouri voters rejected a gas-tax hike, legislators are looking for other ways to raise funds for road improvements. (KCUR)
  • Martha Stewart rode Uber for the first time, and it wasn’t a good thing. (NBC)

1 thought on Monday’s Headlines: Back to the Grind Edition

  1. The Durham, N.C., Light Rail Project has been in the works for at least several years now.

    This announcement by Duke University that it is now considering backing out of contributing crucial land to this project, is stunning! WHY were these concerns listed in this Streetsblog article NOT identified and addressed LONG BEFORE NOW? This sounds to me like an underhanded strategy by those who have long opposed this project that they have recently found may be a way to put a stop to it.

    It is remarkable how skilled, determined and devious people who are opposed to light rail and mass transit in general, can be! Something smells fishy here.

    We have to remember how powerful and influential the fiercely anti-transit Koch Brothers are, and how they’re able to work their way into the very heart and essence of projects like this, as they did with defeating the Nashville Transit Referendum earlier in 2018.

    I would not be surprised, therefore, to learn that SOMEONE bought their way into the inner circles of Duke University, and now all of a sudden, at the eleventh hour, come up with a sure-fire way to defeat yet another major light rail project.

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