Tuesday’s Headlines

  • Atlanta has a reputation as one of America’s most car-crazy cities, but a new poll found that half of residents think transit is the best way to address Atlanta’s traffic problem — and they’re willing to pay more in taxes for it. Pluralities support transit over other alternatives even in suburbs like Gwinnett and Cobb counties that have historically resisted transit. (AJC)
  • Ohio has spent an insane $400 million on sound barriers along interstates. Imagine all the sidewalks and bike lanes that money could have built. (WKRC)
  • Even an electric vehicle charged with electricity from a coal-fired power plant is cleaner than a gas-burning car. (Bloomberg) But single-occupancy vehicles are still the least efficient way to move people around cities.
  • On the eve of a vote on a transportation tax, Hillsborough County, Fla. announced that bus ridership plunged 1o percent, which could make voters think twice about pumping more money into transit. Tampa’s streetcar ridership has also fallen. (Sunshine State News)
  • A San Antonio woman has found an ingenious way to get politicians’ attention: She won’t let office-seekers put a sign on her property unless they help her get a sidewalk for her street. (News4SA)
  • Looking for a ride to the polls today? Geek has you covered. Lyft, Uber, Lime, Motivate and Skip are all offering free or discounted car, bike or scooter rides. So no excuses — go vote!
  • Washington, D.C. is tweaking more than 90 traffic signals to give pedestrians more time to cross the street. (Fox 5)
  • Omaha’s bike-share is nearly doubling in size to 69 stations. (World-Herald) Bike-share company Zagster is setting up shop in Salem, Ore. (Statesman Journal) In the Boston area, LimeBike and Zagster are expanding into the suburbs. (Globe)
  • New Surrey, Canada mayor Doug McCollum thinks he can extend Vancouver’s elevated and underground SkyTrain for the same $1.65 billion price tag as light rail. Other metro Vancouver mayors and the transit agency TransLink say that’s impossible. (News 1130)
  • Get your kicks on Route 116: The Massachusetts DOT has added bike lanes to the Chicopee highway. The catch: Cyclists have to ride in between two lanes of car traffic. Sounds … invigorating. (WWLP)

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