Wednesday’s Headlines

Our regular guy is having computing problems, so y’all have to put up with me. Here’s the news:

  • Cars keep killing. Perhaps all they need is better headlights, says the National Transportation Safety Board. Nah, we think they need better drivers. (USA Today)
  • Say it ain’t so. There aren’t really bedbugs on New York City buses, are there. (NY Post).
  • Are Uber drivers “independent contractors”? We know what Uber thinks. (The Verge)
  • Man, Republicans really hate trains. (AP)
  • Orange County’s streetcar moving forward. (OC Register)
  • Meanwhile, Kansas City’s streetcar authority is worried about those thin e-scooter wheels gumming up the rails. (KCTV)
  • The Chicago Tribune looks at the future of Divvy in Evanston.
  • Baby Boomers get everything — but now that they’re old, they may actually get us stuff we all need, like better pedestrian infrastructure. (Mother Nature Network)