Tuesday’s Headlines

  • A Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority survey shows strong public support for streetcars along two stretches of the Beltline and the Clifton Corridor light rail connection to Emory University. But some transit advocates criticized MARTA for not including rail along the entire Beltline as an option. (Curbed)
  • Public radio station WCPO takes a deep dive into the troubled two-year history of Cincinnati’s streetcar and the lessons learned.
  • Wayback machine: The backlash against scooters today is remarkably similar to the backlash against bikes in the 1890s, from the reluctance to share the streets to the concern trolling about safety. (Columbus Dispatch)
  • Slate argues that municipal regulations are strangling dockless bike and e-scooter shares, validating Uber’s old tactic of asking for forgiveness rather than permission.
  • MLK Street is the first in St. Petersburg to go on a road diet, but it won’t be the last. More bike lanes and angled parking are coming. (Tampa Bay Times)
  • Sound Transit has several open houses coming up for residents to air concerns about its light rail expansion to the Seattle airport. (News Tribune)
  • The fifth and final streetcar has arrived in Milwaukee, and the city is expected to announce when The Hop will start running within the next few weeks. (WISN)
  • E-bikes recently hit the streets in Providence, R.I. (Journal). And in Fairfield, Conn., the health department has started a free bike-share program (News 12).