Today’s Headlines

  • States Are Filling the Infrastructure Void Left By the Feds (Bloomberg)
  • From Coast to Coast, Motorist Entitlement Dies Hard (City Lab)
  • Report Suggests Ride-Hailing Supplements Rather Than Replaces Transit (Curbed)
  • Alexandria Scales Back New DC Metro Station to Save Money (Post)
  • Broward Vote Is the End of the Line for Fort Lauderdale Streetcar (Sun Sentinel)
  • Dallas Considers Charging Bike-Shares to Clean Up “Bike Clutter” (WFAA)
  • Plan for Cambridge, MA Square Doesn’t Include Bike Lane People Wanted (Day)
  • Madison, WI Mayor Vetoes Plan for Bike Lane Buffers (State Journal)
  • Louisiana Senate Curbs Regulations on Ride-Hailing Apps (Times-Picayune)
  • St. Louis Transit Advocate: Funding Cuts Hurt the Poor (Post-Dispatch)
  • Stop (Morning News)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. “States Are Filling the Infrastructure Void Left By the Feds”
    AKA “When Dems discovered federalism”
    You guys are a few centuries late to the party, but welcome!

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