Today’s Headlines

  • Indiana Bill Legalizing Light Rail Inches Closer to Passage (WLFI)
  • Traffic Deaths on the Rise in Portland Despite Vision Zero (Tribune)
  • Asheville Officer Brutalized a Black Man Accused of Jaywalking (Citizen-Times)
  • Plans Unveiled for Trail Network and Potential MARTA Stop in Gwinnett (AJC)
  • Alabama DOT Releases Options for Bike/Ped Path on Mobile River Bridge (Fox 10)
  • Maryland Bill Puts Cameras on Buses to Catch Drivers Blocking Bus Lanes (WBAL)
  • CATS Will Change Charlotte Bus Routes After Blue Line Extension Opens (WFAE)
  • Surprise, Surprise — Rand Paul Hates the D.C. Streetcar (Washingtonian)
  • Kentucky Gas-Tax Hike Would Raise $300 Million for Road Repairs (WFPL)
  • Bike-Share Coming to Lynn, MA (Item), Texas A&M (Eagle), and Flagstaff (Daily Sun)

5 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. Will Indiana have a sunset provision in the bill to re-ban light rail when Amazon passes Indianapolis up?

  2. Who cares what REI does. Support your local bike shop, regardless of what brands you buy.

  3. That’s one idea, but my local bike shops barely carry any apparel, so it’s either REI, Sports Barement, or Amazon for the me. The most-local bike shop for me is a tied house of Trek, and the apparel they market is garbage. Many smaller bike shops haven’t got any apparel at all, even helmets.

  4. I find it pretty sad that light rail was even banned to begin with. This just shows how deeply ingrained car culture is in the U.S.

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