Today’s Headlines

  • White House Urges Schumer to Lift Hold on Batory as FRA Head (NBC)
  • Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown Concerned About Trump’s Plan to Privatize Infrastructure (WOSU)
  • Self-Driving Cars Have a Hard Time Detecting Cyclists (Slate)
  • Dockless Bike-Share Companies Have All But Ignored Dallas Cleanup Order (KERA)
  • Getting People on Bikes Takes Planning — Not Just a Bunch of Bikes (Vice)
  • Fort Lauderdale Commissioners Approve Wave Streetcar (WPLG, WLRN)
  • Portland Cyclist Sues City After Crashing Into Concrete Barrier (Bicycling)
  • Columbus, GA, Drivers Would Rather Pave Roads Than Build Sidewalks (Ledger-Enquirer)
  • U.K. Study: People in Walkable Neighborhoods Have Lower Blood Pressure (Guardian)